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March 10

My mission at the Society

Not many understand what I do here in Toronto, more so, in the Canadian Cancer Society. Here are the questions that I usually get about my stint. What am I here for? Why does GSK spend on me to volunteer for an NGO? What is my job? (translate: Do I organize charity events?) What help […]

February 02

Toronto and CCS: First impressions

Caution: Very long blog… I tried to condense my first 25 days in this post! The Weather When I first got here, weather was always a convo starter and I totally relate why. So, you see, it deserves the top spot for this story. I was never used to talking about it back home because […]

January 13

A very long road to Toronto

Manila is 13,206 km. away from Toronto, an 18-hour direct flight aboard the Philippine Airlines, with a 13-hour time difference and 40-degree Celsius apart. I cannot overemphasize that they are continents apart. But I’d say my journey to PULSE Day 1 has even been longer.  Since 2014, I’ve been making it known to my line manager that […]