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January 09

Prevention Partners: Pay it Forward

With my PULSE assignment completed, I am writing up my case study and integrating back into GSK.  One of my last PULSE assignments ideas was to write a thank you note to each one of the Prevention Partners’ employees and thank them for their help and support during my Pulse assignment. Yesterday, I was taking […]

December 12

Prevention Partners: A Love Note

Dear Prevention Partners, Even though I only traveled 25 miles from my home to do my Pulse assignment, it has been a cultural awaking.  Seeing the health care industry from the preventative angle vs. the prescriptive world of Big Pharma has given me the sense of what 20 enthusiastic people with a common purpose can accomplish. You are […]

November 28

Prevention Partners: Happy Thanksgiving

Here are some general items that I am always grateful for having in my life: – My health and my family’s health – My supportive and loving family and friends – Clean water and indoor plumbing 89% of the world’s population uses drinking water from improved sources (54% from a piped connection in their dwelling, […]

Prevention Partners’ Board Meeting

Attending the Prevention Partners’ board meeting was an incredible experience for me.  After hang out in Corporate America for the last 80 years, (OK, I’m lying; it just feels like 80 years most days.), I usually go home exhausted and feeling like a small cog in a very large, complex watch.  However, here at Prevention Partners, I […]

October 31

Prevention Partners: Happy Halloween

  HAPPY HALLOWEEN     From Earnest, a flower, blue cheese, Mr. Grabbyhands stick figure (see last week’s blog post), a dirty old Tarheel fan, Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable, Life Gives you Lemons, and a public service announcement   Have a great weekend.   See you next week, Kathy Pulse 2014 volunteer at Prevention Partners, Chapel Hill, […]

October 24

Prevention Partners and Process Improvement

Meeting Goal: Capture current Access Code business process, analyze and determine gaps then brain storm ideas for a new and improved Access Code process.  And then Holy Diversionary Tactics, Batman. The meeting was diverted to “How to draw a better stick figure.” Here are the questions the team had to ask themselves to declare the drawing […]

Prevention Partners: Erma Bombeck and a side of Mandarin Oranges

Erma Bombeck is my favorite humorist writer.  Her simple observations on family, friends and life always make me laugh out loud.  Here are some of her thoughts on food. 10 Erma Bombeck Food Quotes – 1.  Someone once threw me a small, brown, hairy kiwi fruit, and I threw a wastebasket over it until it […]

September 26

Team Building: Prevention Partners IT Team Bust a Move

“This here’s a jam for all the fellas… You run over there without a second to lose And what comes next hey bust a move.” –  Young MC   Lizzy, our team building facilitator, didn’t mention the interpersonal science behind  dancing in my boss’ backyard. However, I will take a stab at it.  Here are the […]

September 19

Prevention Partners IT Team: Prepping for Team Building

  An entire day of team building usually means breaking into teams and building the biggest, baddest straw tower or verbally describing a car or house to show how bad we are at communicating with each other.  Yes, we know we are lousy communicators that is why we work in IT in the first place. […]

Prevention Partners’ Tasty Lunch Club

  Welcome to the Tasty Lunch Club!  Here at Prevention Partners several staff get together each Monday to enjoy a delicious healthy lunch made by one of the Tasty Lunch Club members.  Today’s menu, Farmers’ Market Delight, brought to us by Melva Fager Okun includes the items gathered from the Carrboro, NC farmers market. Lucious meaty tomatoes: […]

GlaxoSmithKline Volunteers Spend Their Volunteer Day to Talks IT with Prevention Partners

  Instead of slinging hammers or packing backpacks, GlaxoSmithKline volunteers, Mary Brichford and Chuck Grabowski (from NA Pharma IT) spent their Orange day training a team at Prevention Partners on how to set up their SharePoint sites to be effective and efficient.  The conversations ranged from overall security; managing meetings, tasks, and issues; to best […]

August 08

Loco for a Night Out at the Durham Bulls Baseball Game

Prevention Partners employees and their families, along with past and present interns  took advantage of an unseasonable cool southern summer night (high 70’s with low humidity) and hung out at the Durham bulls baseball game in Durham, NC. The Bulls beat Toledo, but the big winner of the evening were the Loco ice pops. Weekly Wellness Tally […]

July 31

Prevention Partners’ Prevention Academy in Rowan County, NC

What is a Prevention Academy?  Great question. Prevention Partners gathers their clients within a specific geographical region and brings them together for some intensive wellness training.   What is wellness training, you say? Side bar… Prevention Partners offers hospitals, schools, government agencies and businesses unique wellness products. They have several programs which work in conjunction with […]

July 22

Agile Software Development and Prevention Partners

Whether you are developing software to meet robust data integration needs for delivery to external customers or reevaluating your business processes, agile software development methodology is an efficient and effective method to convey information by encouraging face-to-face conversations.  The Technology and Continuous Improvement (T&CI) team here are Prevention Partners used Agile to design new SharePoint […]

July 11

Healthy places change lives

July is Passport to Wellness month here at Prevention Partners.  So we are challenged to eat 5 – 9 fruits and vegetables a day and exercise for 30 minutes a day.  We earn points for our accomplishments.  Lots of points = prizes.  This week is Mexican themed so I made chicken tacos with extra veggie […]