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February 07

MEMORIES OF A LIFE TIME; A Joy Shared is a Joy Doubled.

On arrival in Nepal, I realized that a friend of mine that I had met a little over ten years ago had traveled to Kathmandu as a pilgrim. Unfortunately, he got arrested and had been in jail for a while. His family back home was restless trying to acquire information about his whereabouts and health […]

August 31

MEMORIES OF A LIFE TIME; A story of change & transformation using 5S’s

Our story begins! Join the Global Fund PSM team and I as we write a new chapter of our story about change and transformation. After visiting the team at the National Centre for AIDS & STIs Control (NCASC) and shared with them about 5S (sort, set, shine, standardize & sustain), the will and desire to […]

July 21

MEMORIES OF A LIFE TIME; Vegetarian Food can be flavorful and satisfying?!

I am having to work in the city, office work day after day and not out in the field (villages) as I initially thought would be the case. I have no choice but to make most of it and gradually discover the beauty hidden within Kathmandu city. They say beauty lies in the eyes of […]

July 05


Namaste, This is the first of my many travelogue about an extra-ordinary journey from Nairobi to Kathmandu via Doha that took almost 12 hours of flight traveling, landed safely in Tribhuvan International Airport where it took me an hour of waiting for my bags and first lesson learned ‘’Patience’’. Didn’t take me long getting to […]

May 28

Why Pulse?

Before I left Kenya for Turkey to attend the Pulse Orientation training, I had a lot of questions in my mind and would like share two of them and hope to answer some of yours too. Why does GSK pay for its employees to go out in the world as volunteers and what does it […]