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February 12

The Kind of People who Pioneer Social Innovation Matter

Last week, Ms Ahsiya Mencin, PULSE Director, drew my attention to Mohammad  Yunus who pioneered microfinance to provide financial tools and power to the poor. I followed up to read a little bit on his approach and the impact he had on people. I was very encouraged. But I began to reflect on something I […]

January 07

Beyond PULSE Scope of Work and the PDP Objectives

PULSE experience can be a mixture of moments; every volunteer knows this. There can be really high energy, exciting moments and then moments when you ask yourself why did I come here. Personally, reflecting on my PULSE assignment, some of the most exciting and fulfilling moments seem to be times when I just identified a […]

Human Skill is Key to Getting it Done

Last week I completed the STAR CHPS Client Satisfaction Survey in 17 districts in the Western Region of Ghana. It is one of the accomplishments I am most proud of among the many things I can mark complete There are many stakeholders in the STAR CHIP projects. These include the financial sponsors– the Jubilee Partners, […]

PULSE Lessons: Communication Headaches can be Managed

As I start to feel the countdown to the end of my assignment, I have being reflecting on lessons learned here and there are many of them. Today I want to talk about communication. Communication and collaboration in a multicultural environment is complex and can be a headache if you expect your style to work. […]

The New Healthcare Professionals You Need to Know

Some can at best be described as somehow literates or nearly illiterates and do not fit the traditional sketch of the medical doctor, pharmacist, nurse, X-ray technician and other technically trained experts, and yet they are the backbone of Ghana’s grassroots healthcare delivery strategy. We call them Community Health Volunteers (CHV), the new healthcare professionals […]

October 21

Future GSK Scientists and PULSE Volunteers? Sounds Sweet in the Ears of These Kids

Last week after completing training for Community Health Volunteers and Committee members at Akatenchie, one of the STAR CHPS villages, I had a remarkable ORANGE DAY experience which to me was the most fulfilling part of the day. If everything works right, I believe I may have prepared the PULSE volunteers of the next two […]

October 09

Bonus Day

Last week we held the STAR CHPS Awards and Recognition ceremony, the first of its kind since the inception of the project nearly three years ago. The purpose of the ceremony was to celebrate the highest performing clinics (CHPS zones) and District Health Management Teams (DHMT), the heroes at the forefront in Ghana’s initiate to […]

September 02

Real, Sustainable Change is Cultural Change

Sometimes we find a way to make a quick sale which can be exciting but not the target change we need. Real, sustainable change is cultural change. Part of the objectives of the project I support for my PULSE assignment is teaching nurses and volunteers to educate community members about reproductive health and family planning […]

August 19

We are Big, Really Really Big

We (GSK) are bigger and diverse than you think but your current team or environment may be blinding you from seeing this.  A battle with flu and cold taught me this lesson. I had a severe cold (self diagnosed, by the way) early last week characterized by headache, congestion, and runny nose. First of all, […]

July 29

What Frustrates You Most About Your Job?

Three weeks ago I traveled to the East Axim District in the Western Region of Ghana for a Data Quality Assessment Follow up. It is during such visits that we review our charts based on reports submitted by community health officers (CHO) with the officers to help them understand their performance. It also offers them […]

July 05

Believest Thou in Miracles?

Finally, after going through nearly one year of consultation with my family and manager, I arrived at Accra, the capital of Ghana on Tuesday, July 2, 2013 to start my 6 month assignment with Jhpiego. Several things about my PULSE assignment seem just too interesting, perhaps miraculous. Wait, I know, I heard you say, ‘that’s […]

June 27

The Perfect Match

As someone who grew up in Ghana and is familiar with the healthcare challenges people face and the cultural dimensions of the many problems that abound in the region, it seemed both a ‘perfect match’ and a surprise to me when I found out that my PULSE assignment will be in Ghana. Going back to […]

June 25

Pulsing for Change

Welcome to my blog. In the days and months ahead, I will be posting updates on my PULSE assignment, successes, and frustrations here as well as at my personal blog at For now, I just want to briefly introduce myself and my PULSE assignment to all of you who will be following this trip […]