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My evenings have been a little different over the last month, consisting on average of 2 evening programs a week, while adding a few focus groups in, which target a certain group, i.e. men ages 25-45 and are typically held in a learning center during the day. What do these evening…

A Mountain and Sea Worth Mentioning

A Mountain and Sea Worth Mentioning. via A Mountain and Sea Worth Mentioning.

A Few Random Occurrences

A Few Random Occurrences. via A Few Random Occurrences.



Gold Mining/Galamsey and Preserving Natural Resources

Gold Mining/Galamsey and Preserving Natural Resources. via Gold Mining/Galamsey and Preserving Natural Resources.

USA VS Korea in the Ghana Olympics

USA VS Korea in the Ghana Olympics. via USA VS Korea in the Ghana Olympics.

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Well, it’s been a busy couple of weeks at work, and Hye-Sook and I are sporting some nice traditional Ghana cloth in the office, to represent. I want to highlight a couple of extensive achievements of the health sector here at MVP and some of my work.  The health team that I work…

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The inquires have been pouring in as to what the food is like in Ghana.  Well let me start by talking a little about the advances that have been made and the mainstay crops.  In the southern part of Ghana, about 80% of the planted area is under cocoa cultivation.  Many cultivate…

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This weekend started with a 10 hour bus ride, it felt more like 4 hours with the beautiful scenery.  We took a 7 hour STC bus to Tamale (Northern part of Ghana) and from there another 3 hours to Mole National Park.  Ghana really has a lot of nice places to…

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Talk about a couple of exciting weeks in the field.  Recently, MVP hired 63 new Community health workers, where they provide a critical link between health centers and families in remote communities.  They visit all of the households; and administer essential services, from supplements, vaccines, malaria tests to pre-natal check-ups and…

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I’m settling in quite nicely here.  I received word that back home in Milwaukee is quite hot.  110 degrees heat index with 77% humidity.  You may be thinking that is Africa Hot.  However, in Ghana there are two seasons, a dry and wet season.  Currently, we are in the wet season,…

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Hi!  My name is Kim Ramstack, I’m departing today for my 6 month GSK Pulse assignment in Ghana, Africa.  I will be working for the Earth institute/Columbia University, as a Community Development Specialist.  I’m excited to make a sustainable change in the community, and represent GSK on a Global level.  Thank you for following along with…

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The start of my venture started off a bit rocky.  My flight from DC on Sat June 16th was cancelled; the next available flight out was Monday night, I arrived to Accra (the Capitol of Ghana) on Tuesday night to find out my  largest suitcase was delayed in the DC airport and I…