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Reaching a tipping point and climbing a mountain (Mt Longenot)

Just over a month in and Garret Dunn and I are thrilled that our pillar project is now really taking shape. Time invested in defining and refining the project scope, learning to speak ‘AMREF’ and really understand our stakeholders’ needs has been time well spent. Whilst it has been a steep learning curve, and not always […]

Getting to grips with Nairobi

Our first day at AMREF HQ was excellent and left us inspired and excited about the months ahead. Anne in HR had put together a very thorough induction schedule that involved us meeting the whole building (100+ people) in the space of an hour, followed by several days of 1:1s to help us get to […]

Two days to go!

Hi all, I am very excited about heading off on my PULSE placement. I am just trying to tie up all the final loose ends at work so I can start my packing and head out to Kenya to join the AMREF team. I was also thrilled to finally meet my colleague, Garret from GSK US […]