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December 11

Lukenya Trail Run

The current fastest marathon runners in the world are Kenyan. Wouldn’t it be fun to race alongside them! We did not run the marathon distance, but I ran the 5k while Beverley and Lisa raced the 10k. I am the fastest 5K runner in Kenya! Okay, so competition was not fierce and there were not […]

December 02

Thanksgiving in Nairobi

Most movies show how Thanksgiving is a miserable day spent with family whom is only seen once a year (‘hilarious’ high jinx somehow ensues). To real American families, Thanksgiving is a very important and special holiday. It was very difficult to spend Thanksgiving away from my family. So we had Thanksgiving in Nairobi! My girlfriend and […]

November 24

Kenya AIDS Vaccine Initiative of Kangemi

The two KAVI sites in Kenya are located in Nairobi and Kangemi. The Nairobi site at the Kenyatta National Hospital, where I work, has an up to date lab where we receive blood donors and perform high-throughput assays. The KAVI site in Kangemi is located in the slums. Here the KAVI employees are within the […]

November 19


Nope, this is not a rapper’s name, it was the conference I went to in Cape Town, South Africa. HIV Research For Prevention was partially sponsored by IAVI. I was invited to both help represent my site at KAVI as well as explain how IAVI and GSK partner up to assist worldwide. I met with […]

September 22

Welcome to KAVI

“You’re the guy from GSK we have been waiting for. I thought you would be older.” This is where I work: I am six weeks into the second phase of my PULSE assignment. The lab setup and experiment layouts are going well. It certainly helps to be working with a great group of smart scientists. […]

June 19

Origin Story

I joined GSK three years ago and during the first week of catching up with the science, meeting coworkers, and seeing the opportunities GSK offered, I noticed the PULSE program. Within the first month I mentioned to my line manager, Christine, that I wanted to apply. Christine agreed that it would be a great opportunity […]

June 14

Boston -> London -> Nairobi!

Hello! I am excited and nervous… mostly excited, to have this opportunity to work for the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) to assist with their HIV vaccine that is currently in Phase I and IIa clinical trials. I will spend the first month in London to learn the assays and assist with development. Then in […]