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December 02

Self-sustainability symbolizes success

Sorry for the tongue-twisting tantalizing title.  It has been a couple of months since I last blogged about my GSK PULSE assignment with the Millennium Villages Project Tropical Laboratory Initiative in the Bonsaaso cluster of villages in Ghana.  The reason for the delay was due to waiting for the outcome of some important interactions with […]

September 23

It’s the little things…

It is the eighth week of my PULSE assignment in Ghana with the Millennium Villages Project Tropical Laboratory Initiative.  I am happy to say that things are improving here, both with the laboratory and some of the personal logistical challenges.  It may be pure coincidence, but since the local elections a few weeks ago, the […]

September 09

Small Changes Save Lives

I am gratified and proud to announce that the new Generator is here at the TLI lab in the Bonsaaso cluster of Ghana, and that I was able to facilitate the expedited funding, delivery and installation of the unit, which is critical to lab performance since there are power outages every day.  Thanks so much […]

August 28

Generating change

It has been another busy couple of weeks on my PULSE assignment to Ghana.  I have spent several days at the Millenium Villages Project TLI laboratory. MVP sponsored a continuing education course for the midwives in the cluster clinics yesterday. I didn’t have to do much but move chairs, as my colleague Frances (a med […]

August 14

Walking in the Footsteps of Giants

It is the end of the second week of my PULSE assignment for GSK in Ghana for the Tropical Laboratory Initiative and it has been a busy one.  As always the views in this blog represent my own opinions and not those necessarily of GSK or the Millenium Villages Project.  It has been rough getting used to […]

August 06


It’s coming up on the end of my first week in Ghana.  I am on a GSK PULSE assignment to the Tropical Laboratory Initiative of the Millenium Villages Project located in Manso NKwanta and the Bonsaaso cluster.  I spent a few thrilling days at the Tontokrom laboratory and have toured several of the clinics in […]

May 11

Bracing for Change

This is my first blog regarding my impending GSK PULSE assignment in Ghana.  I am so excited and still somewhat overwhelmed about this opportunity.  I will be spending 6 months in the Ashanti Region of Ghana in West Africa. I will be working with the Tropical Lab Initiative (TLI), a program within the Millennium Village Project […]