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February 01

End of PULSE journey; starting a new ME!

Now is the rainy season in Singapore; as it is wet and slightly cold, it is a perfect day to clear and arrange my thoughts for 2018.  I am overwhelmed with all the changes and new information. At times, I feel like I am standing at the beach during the high tides.  Before you know […]

November 29

Salamat Po – Thank you – 谢谢

This blog is dedicated to my home team back in Singapore.  Save the children’s staff and people I met in Philippines, India and Bangladesh are telling me how wonderful to spend 6 months in a voluntary work.  Yes, totally! This is really a once in a life time experience. But, who are the heroes behind […]

October 02

Found Children’s Voice and Love In A Whole New Place

*Click the 5 mins video blog which summarized my urban program visits in Dhaka, Bangladesh. My PULSE assignment is a bit unique. It was unusual a PULSE volunteer to be assigned a regional role but based in Save the Children, Philippines (SC). This role requires me to travel out to other countries in Asia region […]

September 27

A Day In The Life of Community Mobilizer – Part 2

I couldn’t believe that my second field trip was come only 2 days after my first field trip.  The day didn’t start so well when I realized my throat was extremely painful, but I really didn’t want to miss the chance to visit Caloocan City.  The best practices and challenges could be different from the […]

August 27

A Day in the life of Community Mobilizer

I was super excited the night before my first PULSE assignment field trip to Malabon City, Philippines that I couldn’t wait another second for the sunrise in the morning.  Once again, I felt that I was a little kid.  The purpose of the field trip is to monitor and evaluate the WASH (Water, Sanitation and […]

July 25

My Pulse, My Dream, My Journey

“Humanity owes the child the best it has to give.” – Eglantyne Jebb. This is what triggered Eglantyne started her journey to establish the Save The Children in United Kingdom, in 1909, going through almost 100 years of history. What will be my Pulse journey? Time is passing so quickly! This is my 2nd month […]

June 20

Time is the greatest gift

GSK PULSE volunteer partnership* seemed like a distant dream for me although this idea was planted years ago. “There will never be a best timing for PULSE.  Every year we will always have different priorities. You just go ahead and chase your dream and we will support you!”  This was the conversation I had between […]