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July 02


Deutsche Uebersetzung siehe unten Last weekend we left the city limits of Nairobi and went to Nakuru. We took the road passing Limuru, a cold, draughty place which is located at about 2250m, and then drove down into the “Great Rift Valley”. Despite the slight fog, a breathtaking view offered us in this vastness. Passing […]

June 23

Another exciting week

deutsche Version siehe unten _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I realized that I begun to adapt myself, I drink black tea with sugar and milk. I have no idea when this happened. At the Communications and Foundraising Forum we had representatives from the various AMREF country offices as our guests in Nairobi this week. This was the opportunity to […]

June 14

I think I’m a Mzungu.

My first week in Nairobi is now coming to an end. I got a really comprehensive introduction program with first insights into the different parts of the Headquarter of AMREF (African Medical and Research Foundation). The work of different departments such as Communications, Health Programme Development, Fundraising & Partnership and Capacity Building was explained to […]

June 05

Getting ready for Nairobi

After a few exciting weeks now the departure is near. As a GSK PULSE volunteer I’ll go to Nairobi for half a year, until today it seems to me a bit surreal. In recent weeks, I was busy with lot preparation activities, organizing accommodation, travel planning, vaccinations and check-ups ……. and of course I tried […]