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February 13

Final Weeks in Eastern Africa

Deutsch Uebersetzung siehe unten Addis Ababa This time my schedule in Africa is really packed. I spent the first week within the headquarters in Nairobi and organized and prepared the training sessions regarding the M&E manual that I have generated during my time with AMREF. Last week I provided the first training session for M&E […]

Changing Plans

Deutsche Uebersetzung siehe unten Two weeks left since I got back to work after two weeks leave and I had not found time to write another blog. As my assignment ends quite soon it’s now getting really busy. The last weeks I tried again to organize trainings in different country offices. But it’s quite difficult […]

Out in the Field – EMPIRIS WELL

Deutsche Uebersetzung siehe unten When we stopped to visit the KJ 151 EMPIRIS WELL project we were welcome by a few traditional and colourful dressed Masai women that lived in traditional huts beside the house of the family that we visited. This Masai family started in 2008 to develop a well. AMREF supported them with […]

Out in the Field – OLMAPINU School

Deutsche Uebersetzung siehe unten The new class rooms build by AMREF, behind are the old wooden structures. Im Vordergrund die neuen Klassenraeume, im Hintergrund die alten Holzgebaeude. At OLMAPINU Primary School we were guided through the facilities by two young teachers. They explained us the development of the school within the last year. When AMREF […]

Out in the Field – ENTARARA

Deutsche Uebersetzung siehe unten At the ENTARARA Community / Health centre borehole project we received a warm welcome by four community members. They are still closely involved with the project and take care that this is sustainable. This project was started in 2010. Before the community used the water of a spring that they had […]

Out in the Field

deutsche Uebersetzung siehen Unten Last Wednesday I went together with Kioko from KCO and our driver Kennedy to Loitoktok. We took the Mombasa Highway and after about 200 km we left this street and took further 100 km on a smaller street. Beside the street we saw small tornados that carried the red dust into […]

Time is running too fast …

Deutsche Uebersetzung siehe unten. Children in Dagoretti Center performing a dance. The flight back home is booked now; I postponed it since a time. Now there is a fixed end of my stay in Kenya. I actually don’t feel like leaving this place. There are still so many things that I want to do. I haven’t […]

September 30

Adventure at the Immigration Authority

Deutsche Uebersetzung siehe unten Last Friday the special pass, my Kenyan work permit, was due, and with that my Kenyan residence authorisation. The renewal for my special pass was applied but not approved. So I had to apply for a visa in-between. Caused by unknown reasons my visa request was refused. I got the information […]

September 24

Nairobi – life goes on

Deutsche Uebersetzung siehe unten. Now three days left since the attack on the WestgateMall started on Saturday. On Sunday morning the apartment security called to make sure that we are OK. I get regular updates from the German embassy as well as GSK security, but local media are definitely the best information source. I spent Sunday […]

September 21

Attack in Nairobi – I’m OK

Deutsche Uebersetzung siehe unten: A week ago I was out here in Nairobi, with some friends that I’ve met during a Safari where we spent a really great time together. We met last weekend in a tapas bar, had a nice dinner, enjoyed the food and maybe had a little too much wine. We spent […]

September 14


Deutsche Uebersetzung siehe unten Half of my assignment passed. Time is running so quickly!!! But there are so many things that I still want to do! Last weekend I went to the southern coast of Kenya. I took a flight from the Wilson airport beside AMREF and was back on Monday morning to start with […]

August 27

Safari Time

Deutsche Uebersetzung siehe unten A small milestone is reached. I sent the first draft of the M & E manual that I create at AMREF for review to the experts of various disciplines in the Kenya country office and the AMREF headquarter. This is the work of the last 2 months and currently includes 13 documents […]

August 11

Flower Shortage in Europe

Deutsche Uebersetzung siehe unten Last week was full of events of really different natures. On August 7th there was a big fire at the Jomo Kenyatta airport, a big topic in the national and international news. The air traffic was broken down completely at this airport. All the big passenger planes from other continents are […]

July 25

Masai are in Town!

Deutsche Uebersetzung siehe unten I accustomed myself to walk home more frequently instead of driving. This is a good opportunity to see a little more of the area, to bypass the traffic chaos and I can use this time to have a nice chat with my colleague Ng’endo. In this less than 5 km I […]

July 16

Africa tastes really good

Deutsche Uebersetzung unten Meanwhile, the first month of my stay in Nairobi has passed; it seems to me much longer. But there are still moments when I think: “Wow, I’m living in Nairobi now!”. My assignment at AMREF also makes noticeable progress. I am creating a user manual that describes the system for AMREF’s Monitoring […]