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I haven’t written for a while. For my explanation I can only say that my days here are incredibly intense. The middle phase of my project was about to begin implementing the communications strategy that I’ve designed. So I spent some time preparing content for the microsite as well as the material that would be […]

September 05

So, what exactly am I doing here…

My first post concerned my first impression of the country…after 3,5 week I could easily write a book about Argentina, its culture and people. But that’s not what’s in the heart of my stay here. Many of my friends and colleagues are asking for sure- what exactly am I doing and what kind of voluntary […]

August 21

Argentina- on a way to make the world healthier

The first shock for me was that I actually had gone through “no shock”. Somehow I got on the taxi on Buenos Aires airport and I felt like at home. Already the taxi driver was a very kind and talkative person- I asked him a lot of questions about the city, political situation and obviously- […]