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September 06

All Things Lao!

Sabaidee Readers! Sorry I have been MIA, but that also means I have a lot to share. This blog is going to be a mixed bag of all things Lao – work-related updates (promise will keep this bit short), weekend fun and a few more cultural observations. The Lao culture (similar to the Indian culture) […]

August 13

Coping with COPE

Google-able Fact #2 – Lao PDR is the world’s most heavily bombed country per capita. More than 580,000 bombing missions were conducted over Lao by the US Air Force during the Vietnamese War (1955 – 1975) aimed at destroying the North Vietnamese Supply Ports. Most of you may have already heard of or read the above. But […]

July 31

The time Bidding-Week took me places

Sabaidee to Blog #2! The last 2 weeks in Vientiane and Khammouan (a province in Lao) were great and very insightful to the Laotian culture. I will try and keep my experience of 2 weeks (=336 hours) short albeit I have a lot to share! On Wednesday, 19th July, my work team and I were […]

July 13

My First Impression of Laos

Sába̖ai-di̖i! Welcome Blog-Readers to my first-ever blog! It’s week 1 in Vientiane, the capital city of Lao PDR (‘funny story I told everyone I was heading to La-o and 2 weeks later my friends YouTube shame me with a ‘how to pronounce Lao-S video’ – I win guys!) known as Laos prior to the Civil/Vietnamese War), […]