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Young Entrepreneur Academy’s Curriculum – taking shape…

Good morning! The sun is shining and I’m smiling….. Day 8 of my Pulse assignment and I have already dazzled the crowds (ok… slight exaggeration on the ‘dazzle’ – more like presented…. and ‘crowds’ – 2 people to be precise… 🙂 but the sentence sounds sooo much nicer with those words!!!) with a colorful Power Point […]

June 24

Day 2 on my Pulse assignment.. yay!

After handing over my responsibilities and sending a slightly rushed email on Friday to inform people that the moment had come to say ‘a bientot’ and invite them to come on my journey with me :), I have started my assignment with Project HOPE UK yesterday… Some of my colleagues jokingly said that they wouldn’t miss me… […]

May 14

Overwhelming support

Hey everyone! It’s incredible how much a bit of sunshine and blue sky cheers you up!!! 🙂 Anyway, I just thought I’d share my latest ‘I love Pulse’ story with you… because I can!!!! 🙂 Following the 2-day Pulse Orientation training, I received an email to put me in touch with my Pulse buddy. I […]

April 24

Pulse here I come! Yay!!! :)

Several of my friends and colleagues at GSK have been on a Pulse and from what they say… it is a great, life changing thing to do! So this year, after the transfer of my project, I decided to apply…. 🙂 Those who know me will agree that I am the excitable type… everytime I […]