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September 04

Nowhere in Particular

I am Nowhere in Particular… absorbed by Lagos Nigeria’s most cosmopolitan city and probably also the most over populated. It does not get much bigger than Lagos, the largest city in Africa’s most populous country. Despite all hustle, stress of traffic, and tension of 9am to 5pm job – Lagosians are still a very cheerful […]

August 05

Ready, Set, Whoa

READY? I AM. Today is another beautiful day in Kaduna. I am on a field trip and we are visiting several hospitals in the Kaduna state to conduct several Installation Planning visits for oxygen commodities implementation. CHAI invited State Chief Medical Directors of selected hospitals to join us for a program update meeting at the […]

July 10

Miles and Smiles away

Hello everyone! Sometimes days are running and you only realize it when you speak with friends and family.  It is already over two weeks ago when I left colleagues & friends in Singapore and arrived safely in Nigeria, Abuja. Over this weekend I reviewed all pictures from my current journey and remembered that I was […]

June 02

Someday This Day

Welcome to my blog where I’ll be telling you about my Pulse volunteering journey 2017. For all of you who are not so familiar with the Pulse volunteering program, here some info – The PULSE Volunteer Partnership is GlaxoSmithKline’s skills-based volunteering initiative.  Through PULSE, motivated employees are matched to a non-profit organisation for 6 months […]