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December 13

John and Dayna in Uganda – Some final thoughts

Recently an extraordinary event happened – a hybrid solar eclipse occurred where the dark disc of the moon completely blocked the bright light of the sun. A town here in Uganda was earmarked by experts as the best place to witness this amazing phenomenon. The last time this type of eclipse was visible was 547 […]

December 04

John and Dayna in Uganda – Entrepreneurs everywhere

Whether you are walking, driving, biking or boda boda-ing here in Uganda, almost wherever you go there is commerce happening. By this we are referring to the fact that people are selling products pretty much everywhere. In traffic, people are selling everything from phone cards to toilet paper to art objects to you name it. […]

November 28

John and Dayna in Uganda – Pharmacies and Pharmacists

Over the past few decades there has been a trend in the U.S. toward chain pharmacies being the most prolific distributers of pharmaceutical and over the counter products to the public. While some (like us!) might miss the comfort and service that the “mom and pop” pharmacies provided in the past, the efficiency and safety […]

November 21

John and Dayna in Uganda – Boda Bodas

In past posts we have written about the challenges with driving here in Uganda. We decided that one aspect, the motorcycles called boda bodas, were worthy of a more in-depth analysis and discussion. It turns out that the term “boda-boda” comes from the Busia border of Uganda where innovative entrepreneurs provided bicycle taxis for bus […]

November 17

John and Dayna in Uganda – A GSK colleague in Uganda.

How often does one get the opportunity to meet with a “work colleague” 10,000 miles from home? I had the fantastic occasion to have a meal with a GSK Country Manager here in Uganda. Nathan Wasolo (who joined the company in 1999) was kind enough to come meet me and answer the multitude of questions […]

November 06

John and Dayna in Uganda – NGOs go above and beyond

Over the last few months I have settled into our newer offices here in Muyenga. It is interesting in that you never know who will walk in for a visit or a request for support. Lately, some motivating guests have stopped by and been led to me for assistance. It turns out that NGOs are […]

October 31

John and Dayna in Uganda – Field time, Critters

There are many wonderful benefits to being a PULSE participant: Meeting new people, learning about different cultures, acquiring additional skill sets, making new friends, helping the organization and making a difference in patients lives. One additional perk of being on the African continent is the opportunity to explore the amazing flora and fauna that exists […]

October 25

John and Dayna in Uganda – “Good Morning Miss Dayna!!”

“Good Morning Miss Dayna!” This wonderful greeting is what I hear every day when I arrive at school. I’ve been volunteering at a local facility, splitting my time between the Grade 1 (which would be akin to Kindergarten in the U.S.) and Grade 2 classrooms. I either walk the 15+ minutes to the school or […]

October 18

John and Dayna in Uganda – Hospitals

After visiting some hospitals located locally here in Kampala as well as some rural facilities it seemed that it would be interesting to do some research on how these healthcare institutions are structured, staffed and funded. As it turns out, hospitals in Uganda face several challenges. It was mentioned by many people we spoke with […]

October 13

John and Dayna in Uganda – A Walk Through The Neighborhood

Some of you have continued to ask “what is it really like living in Uganda?” To give you all a flavor of what it is like where we live, we thought that we would take you on a journey of the sights, sounds and smells that we experience on our regular walks through our neighborhood. […]

October 04

John and Dayna in Uganda – Bicycles Galore!

Since we have been in Uganda we are regularly amazed, confused, and amused by the abundance of different daily sights and sounds. One of the most common and intriguing highlights is the constant presence of people with and on bicycles. What makes the sightings here so interesting, besides the sheer number of bikes present, is […]

September 27

John and Dayna in Uganda – Cervical Cancer Screening and Treatment

Living in the U.S., we take a lot of things for granted, one of which is that most women will have access to cervical cancer screenings and treatment. The good news is that deaths from cervical cancers in the U.S. are now rare, a success story over the last 80 years. The U.S. Preventive Services […]

September 20

John and Dayna in Uganda – Culture

Prior to traveling to a new and exotic place, we like to learn all about the local culture and customs of the people in the land we are going to visit. What will be the same as at home? What will be different? What do we need to look out for so that we do […]

September 13

John and Dayna in Uganda – Dayna’s perspective

Some of you have been asking for me to give my voice about what it’s like here and my perceptions. While we on our second road trip recently, I started to think about some of the harsh realities these people face on a day-to-day basis. So I went onto some websites to get some statistics, […]

September 06

John and Dayna in Uganda – Donors

One of the goals that we had in coming to work with an NGO was to learn about the donor process. For our entire working lives, we have always been fortunate to have the ability to contribute money to various organizations. While I tend to choose two or so favorite charities to send in donations […]