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December 16

180 days in Kisumu, Kenya – it’s time to say Goodbye!

It’s my last week here in Kisumu, Kenya, and now I am really looking forward to start my return travel on the 19th of December and to arrive hopefully safe and sound in the morning of the 20th December at Stuttgart, Germany, and to hug my wife at the airport arrival gate. I am not […]

December 09

A special post about our ‘Earth Day’ here in Kisumu on November 15th

This post is a teamwork from Michelle, Isabelle, Victoria, Martin and me. The photos used for the post were taken by Martin. Each year, “Earth Day” is observed on the 22nd April, which marks the anniversary of what many consider the birth of the modern environmental movement dating back to 1970. For the Kisumu PULSE […]

November 30

My first experience with teaching and other things that happened over the last few weeks

The photo was taken during Beldina’s Community Day. One of my project objectives here at the OGRA Foundation was to conduct ‘Youth Friendly Services’ training to Health Care Workers. I was a little bit concerned about this objective due to my missing skills in teaching other people and so I was focused on my other […]

October 06

Embodiment in soapstone

I met Andrew at the Maasai Market during one of my first few weeks here in Kisumu. He’s a soapstone artist and I bought a chess game made of soapstone from him. I liked his work from the beginning and so I decided to ask him for a very special mission … The idea was […]

September 23

Saturday, 20th September 2014, was day 90 in Kisumu

The above photo shows (from left to right) Isabelle, Martin, Victoria, Rami and me. Michelle is unfortunately missing on the photo. Halftime! The feeling is very similar to a football game … 90 minutes seems to be so long at the beginning but when the first 45 minutes are over it seems to be the […]

September 17

Special Edition for my private donators – this time in German language!

All my donators are from Germany. That’s the reason why this post is in German language. Alle meine Spender kommen aus Deutschland. Das ist der Grund warum der folgende Artikel in deutscher Sprache verfasst ist. Liebe Spender in Deutschland, Ich moechte mich zuallerst nochmals recht herzlich bei allen bedanken, die gespendet haben. Es sind insgesamt […]

September 03

News from Kisumu, that’s what happens over the last few weeks

Rami, our PULSE colleague from Egypt has arrived in Kisumu mid of August. He’s working on the ‘Millennium Villages’ project. A project from the Earth Institute at Columbia University and the United Nations Development Program. The project addresses the root causes of extreme poverty and is taking a holistic, community-led approach to sustainable development. The […]

August 18

Week 8 in Kisumu … some improvement in my ‘Youth Room’ planning, an unintended diet and a lot of polluted air

I went to the Nyangoma site on Monday and also on Tuesday to discuss my ‘Youth Room’ planning with the staff members and with Shem Mbuya (the Youth Group leader at Nyangoma) and made some required measurements and created a draft drawing for a first cost calculation. Unfortunately I became ill on Tuesday night. I […]

August 11

Week 7 in Kisumu … a lot of photos and the move into a quieter place

The first two days of the week were occupied by visiting the Rabuor Primary School together with Tom Whipps (the external photographer who is working since a long time for GSK and the PULSE team). Tom took a lot of photos from the children and us during tree planting activities, working on the food counter […]

August 04

Week 6 … Not ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ … but in Kisumu!

Monday started with the obligatory ‘devotion meeting’ at the OGRA Head Office but it was not a office day as typically used to be because I visited the last two facilities (Masogo and Ogen) to finalize my evaluation work on current Youth Friendly Services status. Tuesday was a bank holiday in Kisumu (‘Eid al-Fitr’ End […]

July 29

Week 5 in Kisumu … 4 Steps to Success and an amazing safari trip to Masai Mara National Reserve

I know I am late this week … but better late than never! The last week gave me further opportunities to talk to staff members at different facilities and to use my learning to develop a one-page chart that describes the ‘4 Steps to Success’ of Youth Friendly Services (YFS). I’ve learned furthermore that one […]

July 20

Week 4 in Kisumu … this time a shorter journal entry

Some family members and friends said to me I write too much. So I will make it shorter this week. Victoria from Belgium arrived on Tuesday noon, as planned. She was in a good shape but tired, of course. Tuesday was also the day when my first two posters were printed: 1) to inform the […]

July 14

Week 3 in Kisumu: Saba Saba rallies, Accelerated Delivery Performance (ADP) tools, a visit of the Kakamega rainforest and the 2014 FIFA World Cup Finale

On Monday was the monthly General Staff meeting at the OGRA Head Office and there was no ‘Meeting Agenda / Notes / Actions’ documentation implemented. I used the opportunity to introduce my first little CHANGE of a slightly modified GSK Meetings template. The delivered document was well accepted as an improvement in their processes and […]

July 06

My second week in Kisumu was a very quiet week

Monday is the ‘office day’ at OGRA and the beginning of the working week will be celebrated with a ‘devotion meeting’ at 8:30 am: One staff member starts ‘Devotion’ with singing and the whole staff comes together joining him and they sing together. I am not a great singer but I did my best.  […]

June 29

‘Karibu’ means Welcome … my first week in Kisumu

I started my journey on Sunday, June 22nd from the Stuttgart airport on a flight to Amsterdam. I had approx. 1 hour to get my connecting flight to Nairobi and the gate was on the other side of the airport. So, it was tight but I managed it. I arrived in Nairobi early in the […]