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Project HOPE, GSK PULSE Assignment Ends

                                    The last six months at Project HOPE in Millwood, VA provided an exceptional opportunity for my personal and professional growth.I would like to thank Dan, Becky and the other members of the GSK PULSE team in Philadelphia for their support. I would also like to repeat my thanks to the very wonderful, devoted […]

Visit to Macedonia and Kosovo

I had an incredible week working with the Project HOPE team in Macedonia and Kosovo. The years of civil war have made it extremely difficult for the Ministries of Health in those countries to stretch their resources to provide the health care that their citizens desperately need. In recent years many NGOs have pulled resources out of […]

Greetings from Skopje, Macedonia

Greetings from Skopje, This week I will have the opportunity to see Project HOPE’s ground operations in South East Europe. Project HOPE’s VP of Development and I will be working with the local office visiting the healthcare facilities in Macedonia and Kosovo that are receiving medicines thru Project HOPE’s Strategic Medical Resupply Program (SMRP).This is […]

Project HOPE August Update

Greetings from Project HOPE in Millwood, VA Last week I had the opportunity to visit Project HOPE’s distribution center in Winchester, Virginia. The center is where donations are carefully arranged in sturdy cardboard containers before they are shipped to remote areas of the world to fight infectious and non communicable diseases. The Project HOPE Distribution […]

1st Blog from Project HOPE in Millwood, VA

The Project HOPE headquarters is located in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, it is separated from the verve of Metropolitan Washington, DC by miles of lush green mountains, the Shenandoah River and a growing number of family owned vineyards. Farms, small antique stores and stacked stonewalls line the road to the town of Millwood. […]