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January 03

Friends Of Buburi

  Well, this is it …….. my final PULSE blog. I’ll be back home in a few hours, so I decided a little while ago to dedicate this final epistle to Buburi. It is one of the health facilities in Busia which is a bordering county to Bungoma. With the assistance of UK Aid Save […]

December 16

Lazy Sunday afternoon

Lazy Sunday afternoon I have been honoured to meet many local people during my volunteering and travelling and they have always been so generous to me. As an example, I’d just like to share an invitation I took up to travel to Namirembe outside Bungoma to spend some time one Sunday afternoon. My hosts John […]

December 16

Improving commodity management

As the great egg timer of fate runs out on my last days in Kenya, let’s review the 5S activities I have been progressing. Do you recall what 5S is ? It is an improvement activity aimed at creating and enabling our physical work environment. This has involved field excursions back to some of the […]

November 16

Learning to Improvise

In Kenya, a lack of resources and money force inventive solutions from people to every day problems. They call it “improvised solutions” in situations where we would spend money to cure it. Whether it be the forms of transport used by everyday folk, the Matatus or bicycle BodaBoda’s, they have created an inexpensive network to […]

October 05

I bless the rains down in Africa

Pop quiz time, do you know what song the above lyrics come from? You may need to be a child of the 80’s ! Rain –  great gumboot soaking, puddling rain comes often in Bungoma. Almost every evening about 6pm. I have had some hairy experiences with rain here already. Firstly there was the Sunday […]

September 25

Where do you start ? Beacons Of Hope

Where do you start to improve facilities, when there is so little to begin with ? Well, thank goodness for Save The Children and the work they do. Kambini Dispensary – just two rooms housed under a corrugated iron roof. The reception room was used as the consultation area, and the rear room was used […]

August 25

For Paul Kuto

I have been very fortunate to have met wonderful people at Save The Children and in Kenya and everyone has made me feel very welcome. I have been a major amusement to school children as we passed several schools, for whom I am a novelty. I think I may have even been the unwitting disrupter of […]

August 13

A GEMBA and a Coke please

What is it like to be a patient (or as they say in Bungoma, a client) of the County health service? A question posed to me a short while ago and one I think I can now attempt to answer. Well, first of all you have to get yourself to your nearest facility. In the […]

July 30

Kangaroo Babies

Today has been a wonderful and yet taxing day. We were on a field trip to health dispensaries in Mount Elgon which is the most mountainous and remote part of Bungoma County. During the stop at Mount Elgon Sub County hospital we got the chance to observe the KMC ( Kangaroo Mother Care) ward . […]

July 19

Obama comes home!

He has been the talk of Nairobi for the last couple of weeks. There has been a flurry of activity visible in the city as central reservations are planted and spruced up. Obama is visiting on the 24 July! I can vouch for the road improvements as I personally observed new tarmac being laid on […]

July 07

Jambo Jimbo in Nairobi

All Change for Nairobi Did I mention that PULSE is an adventure? I’m sure I must have mentioned it in my first blog. Anyway, an adventure usually occurs when events don’t quite take the path you had predicted, and so it begins…. The plan is for me to support Save The Children(STC) on their Signature […]

June 25

Jambo Jimbo!

Jambo Jimbo! For the next 6 months I’ll be working as a PULSE volunteer with Save The Children in Kenya to improve the supply chain of medicines* Wow! I feel like I’m 21 again (even if I don’t look it !) The PULSE Volunteer Partnership is GSK’s skills-based volunteering initiative. Through PULSE, motivated employees are […]