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March 09

Epilogue – Make Changes and Be Changed.

Since returning from Rwanda, I realize that I have been changed and I made sustainable changes within the Rwandan government’s Medical Procurement Production Division. The first change for me was to accept a new position within GSK by moving from Quality Assurance within the commercial manufacturing site (B40) to moving up the hill to R&D at […]

October 30

Small towns are the same all over the world.

  Returning to Rwanda: I over loaded my suitcases coming back from the USA, thus when  I was going through check in I had to get rid of books and magazines due to weight restrictions. Thank goodness they don’t restrict back packs as I had three computers in it. Two were for my new friends in Huye.      […]

September 10

Stationed in Huye

With the addition of Christos Nicolaou from GSK house to the CHAI team, I am going to relocate to the city of Huye, formerly known as Butare. The Medical Procurement and Production Board (MPPD) has a government owned pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in Huye. I will be working there for the rest of my time in […]

August 01

First 30 days in Rwanda – Overview

In rural Rwanda, the food is all organic and the meat is all free range. Goats are probably the most common animal, but cows come in a close second. Generally, the goats are tied in place with a leash of sorts and left to eat whatever they can find. Goats will eat just about anything. […]

July 23

Out of Kigali, into Butare!

I spent four days here in Butare, a city in the south of Rwanda. Although Rwanda is a small country, there is still a noticeable difference in the landscape from north to south. The south is much flatter and drier than the north, although there are still gentle hills.   While in Butare, I discovered […]

June 28

Arrival in Kigali, Rwanda – 1st week

Welcome to the city of Kigali! This city is the capital of Rwanda and home to all of its foreign embassies. It is relatively small, and many locations are within walking distance. The main road where we are staying is paved and lined with beautiful plant  life. The traffic is a little hectic, but still […]

June 13

The send off to Rwanda

The support of a community is always a good thing when endeavoring on a new journey. One of the communities that people commonly look to is their local church. That’s how it is for me and my daughter. We were blessed at St. Matthews Methodist Church, by Pastor Lillian. She has been a pillar of […]

June 04

Rwanda – Why I am a PULSE volunteer – The journey begins….

Prologue As some of you may know, I will depart for Rwanda on June 14. Needless to say, I am excited. I am excited for the pure unfamiliarity of travel to Africa. Obviously, I have read up on Rwanda, but no amount of preparation will give me a complete handle on this new adventure I […]