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Time flies so fast….my 6-month wonderful experience will stay alive in my mind!

I completed my 2nd observation of CHN regarding how they improve their coaching skill after training. It continued whole November and I was able to observe 9 CHN. My observation composed 3 parts; 1 to 1 reinforcement training regarding what we learned, observation, sharing feedback. I was so happy when they wrote down their feedback on […]

No pain, No gain. I did patience with persistency for my kids!

It was so lucky for me to have a direct air plane from Nairobi to Korea, and which was cheaper and fewer hours compared with previous airplane to get here, Ghana. So I decided to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro on the way home. The purpose of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro was that challenging myself where my mindset […]

Conduct a Coaching training for CHN

According to my working plan I conducted the training session for CHN regarding Coaching conversation.  To lead active participation and their engagement I prepared lots of video clip and ice breaking, game and activity.  I facilitated this training for 2 days; day 1 agenda was about the importance of supervision, CHN Role and Responsibility and […]

Being a Bridge between GSK Korea and Bonsaaso cluster

As you might know, I prefer to speak and write in Korean rather than English~~^^        So I’ve been managing 2 blogs so far, one is personal blog in Korean and the other is company blog in English, GSK PULSE central blog.   Consequently I can’t help weighting on my personal blog more than PULSE central […]

Support Yellow Fever vaccination with Kim

Ghana Health Service started Yellow Fever vaccination. Duration was just one week, so they asked our hands. Kim and I were so glad to help them.  Here is our sentence; Give us work! We are here for supporting you. Using us as much as you can! Vaccination started before 6 am in order to inject […]

Presentation of my observation result

I almost finished observing CHN. For 1 month I followed 10 CHN out of 11. Fortunately new CHW manager start his job from 3rd of September so I am so happy that my observation result was very useful as reference.   Observation design were 3 categories; How to prepare coach, How to observe and how to […]

Stupid thoughts: Am I Strong enough, I don’t think so.

There is a proverb in Korea; once you are too much proud of your health, disease comes to you the very next day! There is no exception even in Ghana. According to my doctor recommendation in Korea, I don’t take any malaria prevention medication cause of my sensitivity of all kinds of medication. I have been carrying […]

Your community health destiny depends on your CHN? Or CHEW?

As you might know, CHN(Community Health Nurse) should supervise their CHEW(Community Health Experienced Workers and it is called as CHW as well.) on regular basis. (Supervision and mentorship is more common than Coaching in Bonsaaso community.) Whole August I have to observe 11 CHN; how they supervise CHEW, how they give feedback, how long it last to […]

Wearing Ghana traditional dress- is it good to be part of community?

Three week ago I bought some beautiful fabrics to fit my clothing cause of Lydia’s recommendation. Ghanaians generally are sawing their own clothing; men are wearing this fabric around their body without sawing, and women are fitting. Women clothing have various style; one piece, two-pieces (it is called cover and skirts- shirts and jump-look style. […]

Observation of CHN’s supervision activity with CHEW

Besides my proposal of CHN coaching note MVP office want me to gather insights for CHN. I think they need different opinions from external peoples like me. It was good for me and on the other hand giving me great responsibility. I should observe with more objective angle and avoid my personal preference or bias.  […]

July 29


As you’ve seen Kim’s blog, I travelled to Mole National Park with huge egger to see Elephants. Really elephants for my son! Actually I had been gone to Zoo with my beautiful kids over 2 times however I’ve never seen elephant moving around. They were just standing or sitting very calmly. They were moving very […]

Meeting led by Community Health Nurse(similar with FLSM in GSK)

I was able to observe CHN and CHEW team meeting, unfortunately now is their hand over period till end of July so there was a limitation for me to observe all team meetings. For better understanding, I should observe what’s going on in the field and their meeting conversation as many as I can. There are 11 CHN […]

My first field visit to Bonsaaso cluster

1st week was just saying Hello each other and reading so many articles related with MVP office. It was really interesting to me to memorize MVP people’s name and their face. Of course it takes many times to do it because every Ghana peoples look similar to me. Of course my face might look similar to them. […]

Having local food as a lunch with MVP peoples

A desperate defense of Lunch is a really important here in Ghana. Because there is a limitted restaurant near MVP office so most of Ghana people working here bring their own lunch. It means I have to bring my lunch too. So Kim and I bought some fruits and snacks for lunch. Fortunately I was able to try […]

June 24

Finally I arrived in Kumasi.

I arrived in Ghana via my 20 hrs flight from Seoul.  During flight my pulse was running fast and trying to say something to me. “You have a really important purpose and you have to complete like previous volunteer did.”   Exciting and so much responsiblity I should have.  I arrived Saturday afternoon at Kumasi and my beautiful angel, […]