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Legacies of the Khmer Rouge

After my trip to Bangkok, it was straight on to Phnom Penh in Cambodia, about a 50 minute flight away, to spend a week meeting, observing and learning from VSO Cambodia staff, volunteers and partner NGOs. Phnom Penh was fascinating, chaotic ….and extremely hot! I was met everywhere by a warm smile, and only the […]

When to be a friendly insider vs a confrontational lobbyist

I’m back in bright sunny, but very cold London after a couple of weeks sweltering in Thailand and Cambodia. I’ve come back on a real high – it was such a pleasure and privilege to spend time meeting and learning from from VSO staff, volunteers and partner NGOs – suddenly it all makes so much […]

Catch-up from Cambodia

 Over halfway through my six months, and we’ve reached a mini-milestone in the work I’ve been contributing to, namely the presentation of the global advocacy plans to the VSO Global Leadership Team (GLT) for approval….which fortunately they did!   The scope of the strategy is very ambitious considering VSO’s limited and very stretched resources, so it was […]

How do you know if your advocacy is working?

This last couple of weeks, I’ve started to get my arms around another chunk of my work here at VSO, which is to develop the “Advocacy Strategy M&E Logframe” ….. huh?!! That stands for “Monitoring and Evaluation logical framework”, which is a structured approach for describing the line of sight from the ultimate Outcomes sought […]

Big systems and narrow bandwidth don’t mix

One month into my PULSE assignment – a mini-milestone that has arrived so quickly!  Overall, the transition has felt a lot easier than I probably expected – but then I guess working in darkest Putney is inevitably a lot less of a culture shock than uprooting to an overseas assignment!  The benefit for me of […]

Meeting with Burkina Faso in Ethiopia

At first sight, day to day working at VSO is’t that different to GSK Stockley Park. Thanks to the global ubiquity of Microsoft, Outlook, MS Office and Office Communicator are all used here and meant I could be up and running very quickly, BUT …. these are generally the only tools available – more whizzy […]

What is advocacy?

My first PULSE blog at the end of the first week with Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) which, if you didn’t already know, is a large International NGO working through volunteers to address poverty in developing countries. After all the weeks of growing curiosity and impatience, it’s great to be finally meeting the people who are […]