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Who loves the mango?

I took this picture of a mango tree a couple of weeks ago in Uganda for my daughter who loves mangos. Uganda at this time of year is very fertile and green, with fruit and vegetables growing everywhere. After 4 months in a London office, I was given the opportunity to travel to Kampala for […]

August 30


During the month of September Glorious Foods are sponsoring the Malaria Consortium, who are dedicated to combatting malaria, childhood illnesses and neglected tropical diseases. This year, 4 GSK pulse volunteers, including myself, have assignments with the Malaria Consortium and more details of the important work they are involved in can be found on their website […]

June 25

Last Day in the Office

Well it has finally arrived, my last day at GSK for 6 months. I shall miss the familiar faces and surroundings, but am very much looking forward to my new venture. After a few days holiday driving this lovely old (1976) P6 Rover to Stuttgart in Germany for the Bosch Boxberg Klassik, I shall be starting my PULSE […]