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December 19

We all are human beings

During my 6 month assignment within the PULSE program I have met a lot of new faces. Some of them were absolutely spineless, playing games and trying to reach a success. From my point of view a personality is not characterized as a person with great success, property and medialized face. For me a personality […]

October 15

Life is a chance

When Bratislava falls asleep, I am in the mood to write … Bratislava castle just from my terrace. An amazing life! Life is a chance and it is up to us how we profit from it. Only WE are responsible for our decisions and guidance in our lives. At the beginning of 2014, I had […]

July 09

My first feelings from Roma settlements

In Slovakia there is 804 Roma settlements where lives more than 420 000 Roma people. The project Health Communities created by Association for Culture, Education and Communication (ACEC) has a wonderful mission: helping people in need. Health mediators provide them with the basic health information and they give Roma people the most important – support. […]

June 26

My boss

A lot of work, unpleasant interpersonal relationships, low salary, and your boss constantly breathing on your back? I hear complains like that every single day… But that´s not my case at all. I can honestly say: I love my job. Working under Robert Sykora is not easy. He requires performance, results, commitment, proactivity, accuracy. He […]

June 10

A beautiful phone call

I have to start my first blogging by telling you about a beautiful phone call I had a couple of days ago… I talked to my dad and he told me: “Mom is afraid to put the car in service because there is a possibility that they will not fix it by Saturday (she had […]