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March 03

This is the end…

I can’t believe it … 3 days – 72 hours – 4320 min …  before the end of my assignment… Time goes by so fast! Yesterday was the farewell lunch at OGRA foundation, time to remember all the work, fun shared together during these last 6 months. Today was  the day of the implementation of the brochure “to late to walk” […]

February 10

So far, so good

Close to the end of my assignment … Time is running so fast. 4 weeks already done … 4 weeks remaining before my return to Belgium… 4 weeks for finishing my projects… 4 weeks for saying good bye and see Isabella growing up… 4 weeks for thinking  of what I will miss, what I ‘ll […]

December 19

“Weight of words, shock of pictures”

A famous magazine in France has this slogan:” Le poids des mots, le chocs des images” (Weight of words, shock of pictures). I will not be able to reach the quality and the pertinence of this magazine as I did not met celebrity … except one… Mama Obama at the “Worlds AIDS Marathon” in kisumu […]

November 17


               The project “I have something to say” is a project from my heart. One of those projects which allows you to keep in mind that life is worth living. Through the eyes of these children with specific needs you remember that we don’t need to bring something amazing, something special to be helpful …Time […]

November 05

TOO FAR TO WALK – on the road

I’ve been in Kisumu at OGRA foundation for two months now and I’m happy to tell you that one of my projects “TOO FAR TO WALK” has been accepted and funded by OGRA for a pilot phase of 3 months. As a quick reminder, this effort is part of the “Operation Karibu” project which encourages […]

October 14

A baby girl born in Ombeyi called Isabella

In the last 2 weeks, this young lady gave birth to a little girl called Isabella. The story began on Wednesday morning on my arrival in Ombeyi Medical Centre. A 17 year-old lady called Marceline had been in labour since the previous day. The nurse was not confident that it would be a normal delivery […]

September 21

Week 1: “Haraka haraka haina baraka”

 “Haraka Haraka Haina Baraka” means hurry hurry has no blessings…. It is important to do a given assignment well and not to hurry for the sake of completing it. It’s one of my key learning’s this week. As it was  my second week in Kisumu, a lot of things to tell you but this week […]

September 02

How to survive during a trip

  Just a few words before my departure this afternoon, I would like to say thank you to my colleagues who gave me last week a travel trip explaining how to survive during a trip… (I’m now relax ,confident and  I know what to do in any situation !!!) , a penknife and I add…of course… chocolate… With […]

August 11

Day -23 before my departure in Kenya, Kisumu

                  Last week in GSK before my departure the 2nd of September in Kisumu, Kenya. I will be working with the OGRA Foundation for 6 months . A lot of things to achieve at work before the end of this week. Time to say goodbye to my […]