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December 04

the last weeks… el último jalón

The last weeks I’m in the last days of my assignment, now I can look back and be proud of my personal and professional changes. I have no doubt that PULSE changes your life, I will leave Peru as a totally different person. But hey, it is not time yet to talk about my departure. […]

August 04

One month… en la tierra de los incas

Well, already a month in Cusco. Time go fast, really fast. The way of life is slower here than in my city, so I had to learn to be calm, no so hyperactive as always. That was hard at the beginning, I wanted to do so many things my first weeks here, then I learned […]

July 16


It was a very busy weeks, many things to do, many stuff to learn. The best part of my arrival was meeting the team, they are young and full of energy, they really want to the the best for the people. Before I came here, I admired already Cervicusco but after know all the project, […]

July 09

CUSCO: la aventura que apenas comienza

El tiempo pasa mas rápido de lo que uno cree, recuerdo cuando recibí un mensaje de mi jefe diciéndome que viera mi mail y lo abrí, viendo en el correo de que había sido seleccionada para ser parte de la generación PULSE 2015… no se ni describir la sensación que tuve, a partir de ahí, todo […]