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How time flies…

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It is just impossible to believe my time at Hospice Casa Sperentei is coming to an end. How can it be ending when it seems I have just arrived and there is still so much work to be done? It has been so rewarding to work with nurses who are so…

A little milestone event!

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I have come to learn that you experience emotions and events that you did not anticipate when you are on an assignment and away from home. For me, this was completing my doctorate in nursing “officially” here in Romania and I looked around and had no family or friends to celebrate…

July 07

A carefree day in Bucharest

Nothing important to say which is important because that means no stressors to have to deal with today; maybe the worst of the adjustment¬†is over. Julia and I enjoyed a day at the Peasant Museum and walking around our new “home” and appreciating our friendship.

June 30

Greetings from Bucharest!

I think I am now awake and at least know what day it is. That is important since work begins tomorrow. To say the least it has been a transition and we will just suffice it to say apartment hunting has been an experience!!! I will be at Hospices of Hope and as an oncology/hospice […]