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October 27

Field Trip to the EMBA Conference in Glasgow

Finally, the rainy season has started in Seattle after more than 2 months with mainly good weather and lots of sun. So I jump at the opportunity to sit down in the comfortable warmth of my fireplace and write about my attendance to the EMBA conference in Glasgow. In my third month volunteering at PATH […]

September 08

Bicycle trip to Vashon Island

This blog is about a great leisure bicycle trip I’ve done one of the previous Sundays – enjoy the reading. That Sunday I woke up early in the morning, gazed out of the window and there was a brilliant dark blue sky, confirming what the weather app has indicated the evening before. The previous days […]

August 22

Seattle, here I come

For quite a long time everything seemed so unreal and so far away but tomorrow it is three weeks that I’ve arrived in Seattle for my international Pulse assignment with PATH. The 1st of August, was the big day. I headed to the airport at 5:45 in the morning, checked in the luggage, boarded the […]