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November 20

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Myself.

When I met my husband, he said I was a rabid recycler. What I don’t think he realized was that 5 years in Congo early in my career made me not only a rabid recycler as a well as a MacGyver wannabe. Who wouldn’t want to escape from situations/solve problems with nothing but a paper […]

August 30

Sounds of a Lao PULSE Summer

In the USA, there is generally a song of the summer that captures the airways. My life in Lao follows a different daily playlist of sounds that punctuates most days. No need for a wristwatch, the sounds of the day tell me what time it is. 4 a.m.                  First chimes at the Buddhist temple across the […]

August 21

Social Media for Good When Times are Bad

To connect more locally, and connect less electronically, I made resolution to scale back my use of electronics and media when I arrived in Lao. It’s enabled me be part of the “here” instead of watching it go by “there.” Eyes up instead of nose down. It’s the rainy season in Lao: Really rainy, time-to-turn-my-scooter-in-for-an-ark […]

June 20

More communication, less communication tools

Today is the day, here we go, into the wild blue yonder! 2 Flights, looooong flights, and sometime tomorrow (yesterday?) I’ll arrive in Laos in the dead of night, grab a taxi and head to a hotel where I’ll stay until I get my housing sorted out. It’s exciting, scary (in a good way), and […]

June 08

Don’t Die Wondering

Don’t Die Wondering! That was my late Father’s life motto. Don’t die wondering “what if I had…” and it was instilled in me from childhood. The other motto was from my father’s best friend saying“Can do/Go do Good”, and together these words shaped my world. My earliest adventures in volunteering where at the heels of […]