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September 02

No Expert

Maybe you experience this when you are traveling too… People want to know what it is “like” where you are from, just as you are trying to work out what it is “like” in the place you have traveled too. Many times I find myself answering questions about stuff that I have limited knowledge on […]

July 25

King of the Road

Driving in Ghana is impressive, and the people who do it are astounding! John is a driver for the Jhpiego Takoradi office. If you are like me, you are asking yourself,  “A driver?  Why does an office need a driver?” There are many reasons, really.  After only 2 weeks, I do not claim to be […]

July 02

A Cloud for Every Feeling

So many feelings…excitement, nausea, amazement, wonder, hope, scared, curiosity, fear, lonely, awe, love, anticipation, hunger, loss, gratitude, bewilderment, peace… All at once. Is it really possible? I can’t believe it is finally here. I applied for the PULSE program in January. I have been working from task to task since then: the phone interview, destination agreements, […]

June 25

All I Need…

Did you ever see the movie The Jerk?  In one of the scenes Steve Martin is being kicked out of his mansion.  As he leaves he picks up everything that he can carry in his arms, from a phone to an ashtray to a chair while repeating “all I need is this phone, and this…” […]

Life Begins…

  I vowed this to be my motto for 2013. Why?  Because I like routine…I like having ALL the information before I make a decision… and I like being good at what I am doing.  But having all that doesn’t necessarily help a person to grow.  I want to grow. I touch down in Africa […]