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December 31

Take It Where It Matters

Not a day goes by that I encounter My PULSE assignment at The Food Trust.  Through the media -TV/newpapers/social outlets, family and friends.  Make a difference on how to Eat!  Make it Healthy. Don’t be afraid to be the change machine. Help those who need it most,The young the old the underserved. Thanks To The […]

December 08

Around The World We All Eat

Around The World We All Eat –  Our common thread that keeps us all alive.  Do not disreguard the sustenance of life. Do not disrespect the needs of a healthy life. Do not forget to support the underserved. Do not put aside knowledge is power and freedom to exercise your rights. Live your Life By […]

November 03


Greetings PULSE volunteers and friends. Something we do everyday is eat food, we need it to survive.  Something so simple is so complex.  If I had a Magic Wand I would wave it and wish for all disparities in securing food to stay healthy GO AWAY.  Well I’m not a Magician but I do work […]

August 28

Yes, it’s Orange Day with The Food Trust

Two months into assignment here in Philadelphia and two Orange Days accomplished.  At The Food Trust I have been able to share with GSK HR team members what actually goes on at my NGO.  In July we partnered with HYPE team (Healthy You Positive Energy) clean up at neighborhood community garden then on to middle […]

August 01

Philadelphia GSK Orange Day with TheFoodTrust

It certainly can’t get any better than this!  Weatherman says RAIN-Orange Day planned -meet at community garden to keep those vegetables growing The Food Trust HYPE(Healthy Youth Positive Energy) team ready to weed with us! Rain holds off!!! Garden looks Awesome!!!  Next stop – meet local middle schoolers working on marketing plan for selling Blueberries-Awesome!!! […]

June 28

Ben and Betsy Agree Eat Healthy

A week has gone by and I am learning how to Eat Healthy with The Food Trust.  This NGO is the complete package of support.  Their mission- everyone should have access to healthy food- how do they do it? with programs such as a National Campaign for Healthy Food Access,Policy and Government Affairs, 30 Farmers’ Markets, Healthy Corner Store […]

June 09

Ben and Betsy get ready!

Contemplating fun facts about Ben Franklin and Betsy Ross as I prepare to spend the next six months at The FoodTrust in Philadelphia, PA.  Ben was one of the founders  in 1751 of the first public health systems in the country!  Betsy was an accomplished business woman (upholsterer) during the Revolutionary War.  They both were […]

May 09

What would Ben and Betsy do?

As I ponder post PULSE training it comes to mind what would Ben and Betsy wonder! our team of 9 were trained on quite a bit of information/we learned-we bonded-we seek to make change happen.  Benjamin Franklin and Betsy Ross were agents of change.  They both made a difference – they made a mark on […]