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December 23

The Blog that Refused to Write Itself

I know that it’s been way too long since my last blog post, but life has a way of getting busy and I can happily say that I wasn’t blogging for all the right reasons!  I arrived back in the US a few weeks ago, and just completed my assignment last week in Durham.  I […]

July 23

What Would Mandela Do?

I have been in Singapore for 2 weeks now and it has been an amazing experience so far. I have met up with old friends (thanks Tom and Rob) and met many new friends (too many to name here but thanks everyone!).  I have met people here from England, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Spain, Australia, Ireland, […]

July 06

A journey of 9583 miles begins with a single…

…drive to Durham! I spent the last 2 weeks in Durham, North Carolina, training with the rest of the team from Innovations in Healthcare ( They are a great group and were very welcoming to me.  I really felt like I was a part of their team right away!  Thanks to the whole team in […]

June 17

Elevated PULSE

I am about to begin an amazing journey….even as I type it, it is hard to believe. I know that I will be traveling to Singapore and several other countries in SE Asia, but much of this journey is still to be discovered.  I enjoy thinking about what life will be like on the other […]