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August 09

The Pediatric Development Clinics program (PDC)

(Version française : voir plus bas!) Photographic credit: C.J. Avila/ with permission from PIH/IMB Rwanda Let me now explain some more about my job here at Partners In Health (PIH) in Rwanda, where  I’m volunteering as a “Costing Advisor for the PDC program”: what does this mean? Let’s start by saying that PIH has many […]

July 20

Arriving in Rwinkwavu…

(Version française : voir plus bas!) Here I am now in Rwinkwavu… a village towards the end of the Eastern road: this will be my base camp for the next 6 months. Beyond, there are another 20 kms with small villages and then… only wildlife: Akagera National Park ! [1] But I’m not going to […]

July 04

First impressions

(Version française : voir plus bas!) Leaving Brussels airport on July 2nd seemed somewhat strange… I am so used to travel through this airport, however today this is no ordinary business or tourist trip! I am leaving for my 6-month PULSE assignment with the N.G.O. Partners in Health (PIH) in Rwanda…This is in the context […]