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Some news from DRC….

After having been silent for a few weeks, here I am again, just back from a field visit in Kassai Oriental. Those few days have been really busy, with a lot of work to be done, and interesting things in perspective. Save The Children has a big Signatory program in DRC, aiming at having a […]

breaking the silence

My first idea was to write immediately after my field visit in Mbuji Mayi, capital of diamonds, which also comes with people, very often young children, being exploited and risking their lives for a few dollars, extracting the stone that will only later gain the value it has when it arrives in our chic jewelleries. […]


It all started in Belgium, with my GSK colleague Olivier, who put me in contact with members of the “Association des Rotary Clubs Belges pour la Coopération au Développement”, an NGO involved in the fight against poverty, and whose mission is to help the most vulnerable populations to access good quality health care, a condition […]

Pictures, pictures, pictures….

Already one month in Kinshasa! That was about the time I needed to start getting used to the city, get to know some people, nice places to go, where to party…. For work as well things are getting more concrete as my boss is back in the office! I will be going to the field […]

Kinshasa – Week 1

Friday 21 early AM, Brussels airport, luggage ready and my ticket to Kinshasa…. A bit of stress, a lot of excitement, and a great surprise from my GSK colleagues (and friends!) who are waiting for me with a nice placard (which is currently decorating my room….), and some useful help to re-arrange my luggage and sit […]