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December 11

All good things come to the end

Last week I came back home. My project finished at the end of November so there was no reason for staying any longer. It seems to me very strange that the PULSE experience is finished, after one year. These days, last December I was extremely excited because I was about to apply but I was […]

November 09

All apologies 

I’m not a politically correct person,never been. I always say what I think,most of the time in a very straight and sharp way. People don’t like this, most of the time they just focus on the cover of the book and don’t read it. Too bad,people like that will never improve themselves. Instead, they will […]

September 26

Have you ever seen the rain?

This is the story of a meeting with a not very far relative… a story about looking “someone ” else in the eyes and see myself like I was looking in a mirror. This meeting with gorillas was a metaphor of my life,starting with the weather: cloudy,rainy. I am so happy to be on my […]

September 07

‘Couse we got the fire and we gonna let it burn 

Hello everybody! It’s been a long since I wrote my last post but…here I am! I just want to share with you my first experience as a “teacher ” for the Health Workers that work in the 7 Health Centers supported by the NGO I am working for. So,after many interviews/assessment I understood that over […]

August 16

It’s just another day for you in Paradise

Africa is not only people in need but also animals in need! Beautiful creaturs live here and they are in danger for stupid belief (rhyno’s horn can cure cancer-come on,it’s just cheratine,nobody would cure cancer eating his neals!), for their valuable tusks or fur. Everybody must say stop to that and come here and enjoy […]

July 31

Heal the world

These pictures come from wendsday’s delivery in few HEalth Centers in Isingiro district. The project I am working in,among many other aspects, is about giving the drugs that the governmet doesn’t supply or supplies in a not sufficient quantity. The health system in Uganda is,basically, a pyramid,at the bottom the HC1,2,3 and 4. HC1 are […]

July 24

Oh baby,baby it’s a wild world

Yes,it really is! Now that I am here and I started living the real Uganda I can say that is a wild world! It’s hard but I am getting used to it. I like my project very much,dealing with the supply chain gives me the chance to have a view of how things work at […]

July 10

New friends

Mandi is not the only new friend from Uganda…in fact,I have other 4 of them…here’s one… XOXO

July 10

Crazy Mbarara

Finally,I am in Mbarara. This city is crazy!! But it’s full of joy and life,just like Ugandan people. I already love them,so gentle and polite,always smiling despite the hard life and the less that they have. I have to learn a lot from them…this PULSE program will turn out to be a help more for me rather […]

July 06

Let’s get it started 

When you come back to Africa,you feel like you are back home. From the very first time you see, smell and look at it somerhing inside you wakes up. And go back to sleep again. So,the only thing you can do is come back. And I am back! Now I am finally in Uganda, Entebbe,admiring […]

July 01

Still at home but…almost ready to go!

Hi everyone! I am writing this first post while I am still at home, packing and thinking about the million stuff I have to bring with me for 6 months in Uganda. Well, packing for such a long period it’s not that easy! Anyway, this very first post is to thank all my friends that are […]