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September 16

The GSK funded Pneumonia Program in Nigeria – living our mission

Pneumonia, malaria and diarrhoea have been identified as the three most common killer illnesses in children under 5 contributing to three-quarters of mortality in this age category. Effective treatment of these three is one of the most powerful interventions to reduce mortality in children under 5.1 Despite several and aggressive interventions by WHO, UNICEF and […]

August 14

Stepping into the Unknown, a mission to CHANGE!

On the morning of 9th July, I left my hotel room on King’s Cross and made my way to Save the Children office on St. John lane. As I made my way through the main door, I had the feeling that I was in a familiar environment, almost like GSK’s. This relaxed me and I […]

July 11

London 2.0; The arrival

Some may ask, why the topic London 2.0? I had several options as I thought of an ideal topic for my first blog. However, I settled on ‘London 2.0’ because it marked my 2nd visit to London in relation to my PULSE assignment, the first being the highly fulfilling and successful PULSE Orientation training held […]