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December 03

Roma Spirit Awards 2015

    It was a hard work to organize such kind event in a proper way. A lot of things should be done a lot of people should be invited. Television broadcasting, cameras, everything should be prepared and everyone should know when and what should happen.  And despite of all these organization and preparation all guests […]

December 01

GSK is in the air

Today was my 4th time I visited GSK office in different countries. I was in GSK Romania, GSK Bulgaria, GSK Hungary and of course GSK Slovakia. I have to say that it’s a really pleasure and supportive when you are far away from home, but you can go to the place where everything looks like […]

November 02

Together4better Healthe. Romania.

Today I want to tell you a little bit more about GSK role in TOGETHER 4 BETTER HEALTH partnership. And how GSK support disadvantage group of people in Europe. And about ours with Natalia trip to Romania for visiting OvidiuRo and Roma settlement, kindergartens and Medical Karavan)  TOGETHER 4 BETTER HEALTH – a pan European […]

September 18

EPHA conference and René Magritte

European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) 6th ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2015 was held in Brussels on the 2nd of September. During 2 days professors from different institutions and ministers of different department were trying answer the question Towards a European Union for Health and what can all European countries do? EPHA is a change agent – Europe’s […]

August 03

The Lottery of Birth

The Lottery of Birth Birth is a lottery. Where, when and to whom you are born and the society into which you are born will influence your life chances. Last week I spent 3 days in beautiful places in the East part of Slovakia. My colleagues and I visited Poprad, Preshow and Kosice. Actually the […]

July 24

Danube. ACEC. ME

So I am here! Bratislava is a very beautiful city. And I think it’s quite similar to Kiev:) The same rolling hills and the gorgeous river and real deep history! Danube very strong river with so clear and blue water I have ever seen before… A river that rises in the Black Forest in southwestern […]