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November 24

When did you last remember your graduation ceremony?

  A graduation ceremony is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our achievements with our lovely family and friends.

October 31

Have you ever had an expected guest into your office?

Yesterday, while we were working in AMREF Office, we heard a noise coming from the window. YES!!! We had an expected guest, it was a sweet monkey. Unbelievable!!! Because, AMREF Office is located in the center of downtown in Dar Es Salaam. The City of Dar es Salaam,  is Tanzania’s largest and richest city, serving as […]

October 23

SU4AM in Tanzania

THANK YOU “Susan Gitau”! We are working together in AMREF Dar Es Salaam. She worked so hard and dedicated for the Dinner Gala 2013 of Stand Up for African Mothers Campaign (SU4AM), but unfortunately she couldn’t attend to this Gala Dinner due to her mother’s illness. I could say she did her best and Gala […]