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February 16

Doing Less Is More

I believe that any PULSE volunteer will tell you that it was the best 6 months in my life; although time goes by so quickly but still we’re stronger for the experience, we learn new things, our attitude is different, And have returned home with a ton of amazing memories. I Remember my first week in […]

January 20

Time passes so quickly

It is amazing how much has happened over the few months, but it is only now that I can truly appreciate the change I made to leave home for 6 months. It isn’t something I thought about at the time, but moving to a country which is so different to home has been extremely challenging. […]

December 16

PULSE & Orange Day

This week i had a great opportunity to participate with GSK Thailand in The Orange Day that was arranged in cooperation with Thai Red Cross Society, in Chiang Mai city that is remote city in the Northern Thailand. In that day the Thai red cross society was hosting an educational charitable event for people lives in the […]

October 01

Be a Winner!

Last week I had a visit for one of the Cheshire homes in Thailand (Samutprakan Cheshire Home) After spending some time with the Disabled residence there(they gave me a lot of gifts they made by themselves), we had a lunch together with the president of the home, but what really inspired me was that boy in the […]

August 07

I was in the UNITED NATIONS :)

OMG can you believe that, only 10 days with LCD and I was invited to participate in That mega event in the UN named Civil Society National Consultation on the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) . And the very interested thing was that we were there with one ultimate goal for them which is:To improve the Realization […]

July 27

3 things in the First day in Bangkok

After a long trip and more than 20 hrs of traveling and waiting ,, finally i am in Bangkok. First thing I had noticed is that the Thai people are very polite , they respect every one and they expect the same from everyone also. I can see smiles every where , and for me […]

June 18

Do you have a Goal in your life?

Do you know what make life different? The answer is goal setting. I read about  a famous Harvard business school story. They evaluated a group of students in college, and then re-evaluated them 10 years later. The study found out that the students who had been the most successful in life weren’t the ones who […]