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September 25

At an even more basic level – Iodine.

At a even more basic level… I just received a fascinating email from a Save the Children officer in Bolivia and I thought I would pass along a finding she had – something so basic that we in the Western world take for granted – Iodized salt.  Caroline Hilari, MD, Save the Children Bolivia country […]

September 24

A bit of an update

My Save Journey… Things are moving right along with the VYA (Very Young Adolescent) package.  All the reading is done, the problems statement written and now it is writing about the eight sub sections: Prevention of early marriage. Comprehensive Sexual Education. Menstrual Hygiene Management. Access to Health Services. Anemia Prevention. Forming Positive Gender Norms. Strengthening […]

July 29

Failure is okay – just fail fast

Today is more hands on.  We had a few more case studies where they talked about how they did the trials.  I heard talks about trials to see if anemia and malaria effects education.  40 villages had educational training above what they normally receive, mosquito nets and prophylactic malaria treatment.  The other 40 villages received […]

July 24

Cognition workshop and a new Prince

Another week and more new experiences with Save the Children.  I traveled to London Saturday night for a week long meeting in London with Save the Children.  So right out the chute…2 hour delay at Dulles.  Something about a light that would or wouldn’t turn on/off.  Who ever knows what they are talking about.  Anyway […]

July 05

Two weeks, more insight

So these last two weeks were all about reading and understanding the project.  The bulk of my time was reading about global anemia, comprehensive sexual education, menstrual hygiene management, the prevention of early marriage, how to initiate health services, dealing with non-communicable diseases, working on positive gender norms and the vague topic of strengthening protective […]

June 24

Week one

Wow what a first week.  A full range of emotions so here you go – Day 1            Drove down to the Save DC office and participated in an 8 am Malaria conference call.  Interesting as I have been working on the GSK malaria vaccine trials.  A different side of the coin.  What they are doing […]

June 14

One last day

So today is my last “working” day at GSK Vaccines and I am feeling a strange sense of excitement and fear. For six months I will be working with a whole new group of people – most who I have never met and do a job I have next to no understanding of. However I […]

June 12

2 more days at Vaccines and Andrew Witty

What a week.  Monday 8 of the 2013 Pulse candidates had “lunch” – we ate and Sir Andrew spoke to us and fielded questions.  It was quite an experience.  I always felt he believed and meant what he said regarding changing GSK and changing all of us – but to hear him say it to […]

May 31

T – Minus 10 Days

Getting close and just got some great news.  I have been invited to the Navy Yard in Philadelphia to meet our CEO Andrew Witty!  What an opportunity.  I can’t wait to thank him for this opportunity and talk to him about GSK. On another note the Nepal meeting has been scheduled!  More on that to […]

May 24

3 week countdown

Start date = 17Jun2013.  I am getting very excited about starting.  I have been speaking with the staff and first up – report to the DC office and get my cube, email address, badge and all that. The next day right into it – I will be attending an international conference in Potomac, Maryland.  The […]

First day of training

Finished the first day of Pulse training and it was, by far, the best GSK training I ever had.  Great teaching staff (thanks Andrew) and a super motivated team of Pulse volunteers.  Can’t wait for Friday’s training.

Feeling like it is really starting!

Getting fired up to be heading up to Philly today for the Pulse training Thursday and Friday.  Very interested in how it is all going to work.

Getting ready for Save the Children

So I’m getting really excited for the Pulse assignment.  First up is the training session up in Philly this week.  Looking forward to meeting everyone else and building a solid network of GSK/Pulse people both during our assignment and to maintain that contact afterwords. Also I’ve been working with my manager to start transferring work […]

My Pulse Buddy

I just got off Skype with my Pulse “Buddy” Siriwipa Phiboonsawat.  She is in Thailand and I know this is going to show my age a bit but I think it is cool that I can just call someone, via my computer, in Thailand and have a clear (well pretty clear) call. Anyway she gave […]

My Pulse Assignment

I am so excited that I have been approved for my Pulse Assignment.  I will be working for Save the Children in Washington, DC and helping with Very Young Adolescents (VYA).  More to follow on that.  Also it is awesome to be with an NGO that GSK is highly connected with and I think that […]