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December 27

Farewell to Citizen Schools

My time at Citizen Schools (CS) went by extremely fast. There was so much to do that it was difficult to sit down and write something for this blog. The work within Research & Evaluation (R&E) was an interesting and rewarding experience. There was frustration, laughter, amusement, and even more laughter with a dash of […]

June 26

Anyone can make an difference, even behind the scenes

As the sun sets in the skyline, my week at Citizen Schools (CS) comes to an end. The week started with cooler temperatures as I walked past the Boston Tea Party Museum and into the Children’s Museum where CS is located on parts of the 5th and 6th floors. I quickly became known to the […]

May 08

New adventures in Philadelphia for Orientation

Change is inevitable in the world we live in. If it doesn’t occur, then how can we learn from these life lessons to become fulfilled in our life. I, for one, don’t want to be lumped into the “stuck” category where I did not push myself to go outside my comfort zone and then¬†regretting that […]