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October 06

A few challenges and a change

It’s been a tough few weeks. Last Sunday, the computer I’ve been using while in Rwanda (my GSK computer) crashed. I didn’t get the infamous blue screen of death, just a message “Boot Device Not Found”, “Please install on operating system on your hard disk”. I couldn’t access anything but the timing couldn’t have been […]

September 22

12 weeks in Rwanda

I can’t believe 12 weeks have already passed and that I only have 12 weeks left on my PULSE assignment. Rwanda is growing on me in more ways than one, and now I know it will certainly be a tough transition home but I’m not going to think about that just yet. In this post, I’d […]

August 25

The rains have begun

The rains have been slow and steady thus far, preparing me for the “rainy” season, it’s a nice transition period however I know these initial rains are only a primer for what’s to come from September through December. The sound of the heavy rains against the roof is soothing, I’ve already fallen asleep to the sound a […]

July 29

My 1st safari adventure – Akagera National Park, Rwanda

I never thought I’d ever go on an African safari, it’s just not something I thought I’d ever have the time to do but once I found out I was coming to Rwanda I knew I had to take advantage of the opportunity. This past weekend, I traveled to Akagera National Park. The park has had a troubled […]

July 24

One month in Kigali, Rwanda

I can’t believe I’ve been in Kigali, Rwanda for one month. Colleen Kane and I are working for the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) supporting the Ministry of Health (MoH) in Rwanda on their Human Resource for Health (HRH) program. The program aims to build the health education infrastructure and health workforce necessary to create […]

First week in Kigali

Hi everyone, I’ve already been in Kigali, Rwanda a week but it actually already feels like a month. I’ve been walking a lot trying to explore town to see what’s around but also so I have a decent sense of direction. I’ve been spending most of my free time looking for a long term rental, […]

June 23

Rwanda, Rwanda

And so it begins, the journey of a lifetime. I’m sitting in JFK airport waiting for my midnight flight to Istanbul where I’ll connect on my way to my final destination, Kigali Rwanda. My intention with this blog is to keep those that are interested updated on all of my experiences, related to work, travel, and […]