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December 18

Projects and activities

English version Hi everyone, so many things happened since my return. So this blog will be a little bit longer– it is about my activities for my projects and some personal adventure in Kenya. For most of the Pulse volunteer it is the end, time to say goodbye and it is not an easy moment when […]

November 10

The resumption/La reprise

English version After more less than three month, I went back to Belgium. I’m a godmother, so beautiful an event that I can’t miss. So much happiness to see my family, my colleague and my friends. I realised how I am lucky to have such good people around me and I love them very much. So after […]

October 10

Smile project

English Version Tired but happy that a beautiful part of the project is done!!! Three days of madness with 4 dentists, Francis and Martin from Kinga Africa, Grace, a pharmacist from OGRA and the assistance of the Finnish students. We were able to accomplish together a beautiful dental campaign on the both schools include into […]

September 18

About my project!/A propos de mes projets!

English version It’s been a long time since I have written what is happening here. Already two months have passed here in Kenya! The time passed quickly. This time I’ll talk about my projects, I have experienced different feelings and concerns: the priorities, the budget, the trust, the good contact, the availability of cars to get in […]

August 27

Sadness, anger, and then a little hope /Tristesse, colere et puis un peu d’espoir

English Version It is not easy every day. Last week, additionally to our work, we were to look after children about jiggers (it is an insect that go into the skin, pond and eat your skin especially at the extremities hands and feet) Normally it should be a little preventive action with 3 children, […]

August 20

A part of life in Kisumu/Petit bout de vie a Kisumu

English Version I just thinking that it is a good idea to explain a little bit about food,house, transport, people, here in Kisumu, which already seems common after a month. African food that we eat most commonly: Ugali (corn flour mashed), Kales, greengram, meat like chicken, beef, always cooked in a soup of vegetables. They […]

July 31

Pretty busy around here! Pas mal d’occupation par ici!

English version Already more than two weeks in Kisumu, wow, so much to say! Pretty busy around here! For now we are 4 volunteers GSK (Martin, Joerg, Michelle and I) each one has a different project but we are part of the same NGO OGRA and we share the advanced of our projects, ideas,…The general […]

July 16

Let’s go for a new adventure

Hi everyone, I am in my first day in the office, I have my orientation work plan for the week, so for today, I will be introduced to the OGRA foundation, the head office staff, do all the informatics stuff and learn more about my project. Tomorrow I will meet my manager and after visit HealthStart supported […]