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December 27

You can leave the Camp but the Camp never really leaves you…Tu puoi lasciare il Camp ma il Camp non ti lascerà mai

That was the time….the time to say goodbye…and I was so sad but at the same time so glad and proud about this adventure. Dynamo team gave to me a really wonderful present, the book of 10 years of happiness of Dynamo Camp. Everyone reported onto it the own message for me and what I wanted to […]

December 15

Una parola gentile può cambiare la giornata di qualcuno…A kind word can change someone’s day

A kind word can change someone’s day and lets you feeling light as a ballon. These words were reported on the window of the castle in Ireland (Barretstown Camp) and came back to my mind just before the meeting planned with my Dynamo colleagues. That was just one of the main objectives of the meeting […]

December 12

Buongiorno Principessa….Good morning Princess!

  Good morning Princess! All the energy you have in three words! Last week I met again my colleagues from GSK during the QC off site meeting in Tuscany. That was a great occasion to see them after a long time and I appreciated to have some time with them off site. The main objective of the meeting was Team […]

November 23

An other small seed for future “flowers”…Un altro piccolo seme per “fiori” futuri

An unexpected invite, but very much appreciated: sharing my PULSE experience at the Dynamo Camp together with a group of students of Economy from one of the most famous Universities in Italy, Bocconi University in Milan. Dynamo Academy has been collaborating with Bocconi since 2011 hosting classes of students in order to show to them […]

November 15

SeriousFun….Ci Divertiamo Seriamente!

Three days training session for new volunteers at Dynamo Camp in Italy. 120 new volunteers full of energy 1 very well organized program A big motivated training staff A little bit of theory and practice And……finally mix everything with…. Lots of Fun together! Great ingredients for an amazing recipe. Key take away learnings Inclusion: the chance of […]

November 14

A small seed….Un piccolo seme

So far I have been thinking to have received so much from Dynamo and SeriousFun and I haven’t been able to realize what I offered to them that could make the difference. Last week something unforgettable happened when I felt that I left a small footprint here, even if a small one. As part of the organization […]

November 03

go raibh maith agat

Prima di partire, un po’ di peripezie e incertezze dovute ai potenziali scioperi di Ryanair e all’uragano Ophelia che si stava abbattendo sull’Irlanda!! Dopo un accurato processo di applicazione per poter diventare “Cara” amica in Irlandese press il Camp di Barretstown, finalmente sono arrivata al giorno prima di partire….mmmhhh….e ora??! Mi trovavo nell’ufficio Dynamo di […]

October 12

“It seems impossible until it is done”

Coming back to the Camp during one of its best days (Dynamo Open Day) and finding it so…bright, in was amazing! All Dynamo family together and everyone was taking care about any single part of the Camp in order to welcome guests, families, children, dynamìci and Dynamo ambassadors. Circus, clownerie, climbing, animal factory, archery, […]

September 20

Socks with stars for Dynamo Cultivation event

Socks with stars for Dynamo Cultivation event ….A territory that doesn’t know Dynamo ….An audience quite unknown ….A new location to be used ….A new experience of catering for buffet Many the question marks for this day named “Cultivation event” that every year is organized in order to educate on Dynamo reality and talk about […]

September 09

Recall and qualification in a new world

Iniziamo dall’ingresso…degli uffici Dynamo di Milano! :0) Foto del post. Let’s start with the entrance….of the Dynamo offices in Milan! :0) Picture of the post. Sopra la mia nuova postazione, scrivania con colore arancione GSK! Above in the picture there is my new position at the desk, orange like GSK 😉 Il nostro obiettivo più prossimo qui […]

August 13

La fine è il mio inizio! The end is my beginning!

Wake up at 7am..breakfast at the canteen listening to Radio Dynamo and to the voices of the children..a coffee at Dynamo Cafè from Genny and then in office….after work an amazing path through the Adventure Park among dreamcatchers and footsteps of fantastic animals, seeing children facing with painting of original creations, or having fun at […]

August 01

Being a “Magician” for a while

A coloured Circus tent, a little bit of music, smiles, teenagers and that’s the Magic! Un tendone da Circo colorato, un pò di musica, sorrisi, ragazzi ed ecco la Magia! Circus Tent     While I was attending at Circus activity, looking at the children that played and performed magic tricks, I thought what a […]

July 17

“FaceDynamo” Part I

Hello everybody! Today I am going to let you know more about the DynaFriends that are working here at the Camp. So let’s start from the Director of the Camp: Vito Nigro. Ciao a tutti! Oggi vi farò conoscere un pò i DynAmici che stanno lavorando qui al Camp. Allora…iniziamo dal Direttore del Camp: Vito […]

July 11

One week in Dynamo and I feel like at home

I had the chance to meet all the staff and everyone is really warm….also the ghost of the owner of the Villa where I am sleeping welcome me….7 am in the morning: the TV in the room beside mine switched on and nobody were there…something curious!! Francesca from HR explained to me the structure of […]

June 24

Dynamica e presto…DynAMICA

 Introduction One week before leaving and a new chapter of my life will start…. The time over the last months run so fast that I hadn’t the chance to realize and think about my next step. Now it is time to be prepared for the departure: pack my staff, leave my family, my husband and […]