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December 05

On the job

 I am winding down my time in the Philippines working with Save the Children. Since a lot of the work is in corporate fundraising I’m not necessarily in the field directly helping kids, but fundraising allows the experts in the field do what they do best. Below is an example of some of the work […]

November 14

Transportation in Asia

I’m overdue for a blog. I still waiting to get additional pictures for the work I am doing over here, so in the meantime I will chat about some different transportation options in Asia. Of course there are cars, buses, motorcycles and even Uber in the Philippines, Vietnam and other parts of Asia. There are […]

September 19

Sports and Leisure

  Sports and Leisure in the Philippines After the last blog I decided to go a little lighter and provide some insight on sports and leisure in the Philippines. Also an update on some fun things I have done outside of the office. Basketball The number one sport in the Philippines is basketball. There isn’t […]

July 22

Save the Children

I recently went on field visit with Save the Children employees so I could witness the work they do to benefit kids in need. One big issue in the Philippines is the large amount of malnourished children under age five. Currently, the Philippines is among the top ten countries in the world with the most […]

July 10

Manila: First Impressions

Friendly people, rice, rain showers, and traffic The People I reached the first milestone- one full week in the Philippines. My first impression is how friendly the Pinoys (term used to describe people from the Philippines) have been. Two different taxi drivers offered me part of their breakfast and even people in the most poverty […]

June 26

Made it to Manila

After a full day of traveling with stops in Detroit and Tokyo I finally arrived at my home for the next six months. There has been a lot preparation to get ready for this assignment but it became very real when I walked out of the airport in Manila. I am thankful to GSK for […]