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November 16

3 Months Down…3 More to Go!

It’s true when they say, “time flies when you’re having fun.” Just like that 3 months have come and gone. A lot has happened since my last blog so enjoy this long and overdue post. Immigration: The first note worthy accomplishment was conquering immigration. It’s a huge deal when one receives their permit in Zambia […]

September 04

Limited Power….No Worries

Hello All! It’s been a while since I posted but I’m still here. I have to coordinate my Internet time around the load shedding schedule. Most of you have schedules of your children’s activities, meal schedules, etc. but on my refrigerator I keep a schedule of when I have power! My first true African experience came last week in […]

August 09

How Many…?

I find this title fitting to sum up the week I had but before I continue let me say I am not writing this post for sympathy but simply sharing the details of my busy week. How many days does it take to get to Africa? 5 How many hours do they delay the flight out of […]

July 24

Africa Bound!

As the title reads, I am leaving for Africa! Today was my last day in the office before I fly out on August 3rd to Lusaka, Zambia. The response I get from most people is, “you are off on another adventure.” Yes, indeed! The number one question I have been asked is whether I am […]