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January 16

Going Going Back Back to Boston

Well, I’m back. My PULSE assignment has concluded, I’m back on East Coast time, and I’m back at GSK. On the flight home I was reflecting on my assignment and felt like it fit right in to the mold of the perfect story. Remember learning about Shakespeare and dramatic structure back in school? If not, […]

October 04

Take A Walk

Warning: cheesy post coming up…. The older I get the faster time seems to go by. I can’t believe I’ve already been here for 3 months, it feels like I blinked and yet here we are the beginning of October. I still remember the anxiety I had over wrapping up one job, moving across the […]

August 18

Some People Winter in Florida, I want to Summer in Seattle

When you don’t live in the Pacific Northwest and most of what you know about Seattle comes from Grey’s Anatomy, you assume it is gray and rainy every day. As it turns out, the summer time here is absolutely beautiful. As someone who doesn’t like humidity, I can say that I am not missing the […]

July 07

The Hills of Seattle

Well, week 1 at PATH in Seattle is in the books. Things that have happened since I’ve been in Seattle: I have not been to, let alone seen a Dunkin Donuts in 2 weeks and I’m still alive, people don’t care about the Red Sox or Tom Brady, and there are hills. Oh my, are […]