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November 17

A Visitor! (part 3)

Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park is home to the world’s largest population of mountain gorillas, with a range spanning into Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.  The Rwandan gorillas were famously studied by Dian Fossey until her death in 1985, and were the inspiration for Gorillas in the Mist. There are only about 800 of […]

November 05

A Visitor! (part 2)

At the end of our long Nyungwe hike, our legs were begging for mercy.  By breakfast the next morning, I wasn’t sure if I could conquer the staircase.  With that in mind, for our second day in Nyungwe forest, we chose to hike the path described by our guide as “very popular for the old […]

November 04

A Visitor! (part 1)

Not long after I returned from Kampala, a new arrival showed up in Kigali: my boyfriend Joe.  After three months of poor Skype connections it was nice to speak to each other face to face, in complete sentences.  It was also the perfect opportunity to see some of the amazing nature Rwanda has to offer. […]

October 30

Frisbee in Kampala

As I mentioned in a previous post or two, I’ve spent some of my free time here in Kigali playing ultimate Frisbee with a group of Rwandans and various ex-pats that gets together once or twice a week. Mid-September, a similar group based in Kampala, Uganda hosted a region-wide tournament.  After a lot of waffling […]

October 23

HRH and Umuganda

And now you can flip your calendars to the end of August. As we approached September, we also approached the beginning of a new academic year for the students and faculty of the College of Medicine and Health Sciences (CMHS) in Rwanda.  This is the busiest time of year for the Human Resources for Health […]

October 21

Gisenyi and Lake Kivu

Screeeeeeeech.  Rewind way back to the beginning of August.  This is when I took my first trip outside the city limits of Kigali.  This will be old news to those of you who have seen some photos on Facebook, but I hope it’s new to someone!  Soon, I will be blogging in real time. The […]

October 20


Phew, it has been longer since my last blog than I realized.  I’d like to attribute it all to having found my place in Kigali, and finding people and activities that keep me too busy to blog.  And while that is mostly true, I’ve also just been a little bit lazy about keeping up with […]

July 29

Home in Kigali

More substantial posts to come!  In the meantime, I wanted to share photos from around Kigali. I’ve actually surprised myself with how few pictures I have taken in the last month here in Rwanda.  Back home, the camera is out for every event, no matter how minor.  I think I have been caught up in […]

July 02

Getting started

I arrived safely in Kigali Friday night after about 24 hours bouncing between airports and airplanes.  I checked into my hotel and promptly began Skyping until the travel-induced exhaustion from the past day kicked in and I fell soundly asleep. Around 9am, I woke to the sounds of people working outside. This was the last […]

May 22

Rockville, Maryland —> Kigali, Rwanda

In my very first week as a GSK employee, I remember seeing a small blurb in some HR material about this “PULSE” program which sends volunteers around the world to support various partner NGOs.  “Sign me up!” I thought.  And as soon as I was eligible and the timing was right, I sent away my […]