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February 20

A pair of flip flops later, it’s time to go home

A few farewell photos / quelques photos d’au revoir This is it, my time in Dakar is almost up (I should be home by this time next week) and it’s time to start switching my mind back to Philadelphia. I’ll definitely miss all the people I met and friends I made here (and the weather), but I’m also looking […]

February 03

Field Trip to Potou Millennium Village – Visite de Terrain à Potou, Sénégal

Last week I joined Habi and Gnagna on their trip to Potou, the Millennium Village (MV) for Senegal.  Recall, Millennium Village Project (MVP) has MV’s in multiple countries throughout Africa and two regional offices to oversee activities, one in Dakar for West/Central Africa and one in Nairobi for East Africa. Gnagna is based in Dakar. She is […]

January 23

SDSN Sahel launches in Dakar 1/16/2015

SDSN : Sustainable Development Solutions Network Prof. Jeffrey Sachs, Director of the SDSN and Special Advisor to the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on the MDGs flew to Dakar for the event. There was good attendance from members of the 6 member countries: Senegal, Mauritania, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, and Chad. Pr. Sachs’ presentation set […]

January 11


Today was the 12th and last stage of the 2015 AFRICA ECO RACE® (official website: It ended in the fishing town of Kayar with the podium set on the lakefront of Lac Rose just 25 miles away from Dakar. I couldn’t make it there but the rally caravan headed to the the King Fahd […]

January 04

Holiday Season in Dakar

First, to the readers of this blog I wish you and your families all the best for 2015, health, happiness and success. I hope you made good resolutions or have exciting projects that will come to fruition. Tous mes vœux à mes lecteurs pour l’année 2015 : santé, bonheur, et réussite. J’espère que vous avez […]

December 14

Pulse assignment part 3 – What is it I actually do in Dakar?

Version française plus bas dans le texte – French version further down I just reached the halfway mark of my assignment and I still haven’t shared with you what it is I actually do here in Dakar other than enjoying the nice weather, the ocean, and the Senegalese culture and people. If you recall, I […]

November 17

Some of the many symbols of Senegal

Today I’m just sharing a few photos of emblems of Senegal. African Renaissance Monument – Dakar The African Renaissance Monument is a 49m tall bronze statue located on top of one of the twin hills known as Collines des Mammelles. The statue was designed by the Senegalese architect Pierre Goudiaby after an idea presented by […]

November 02

Dakar MDG Center – Portraits

English version further down below Voici 2 mois que je suis à Dakar, il est temps de vous présenter les collègues que je côtois pour vous donner une idée un peu plus concrète de mon expérience ici. Le centre de Dakar couvre les pays de l’Afrique de l’ouest et centrale ou des « villages du millénaire »  […]

October 24

Pulse assignment part 2- Millennium Villages, what is it?

Today’s blog is probably too long, but never mind. Some of you may be interested in some aspects in particular. Just check out the photos if you have limited time. The concept of Millennium Villages was proposed and implemented through the hospice of Columbia University’s Earth Institute which is headed by international economist Dr Jeffrey […]

October 12

Aïd al Adha / Aïd el-Kébir / Tabaski

Version française – English version further down in the document. J’ai eu la fortune d’être invitée le dimanche 5 octobre à partager la Tabaski avec Miriam et sa famille. Je les en remercie du fond du cœur car ce fut une expérience unique (voir plus bas pour plus de détails sur la Tabaski). Je les […]

October 06

Pulse assignment part 1- Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), what is it?

French version further down in the document. Voir plus bas dans le document pour la version française My Pulse assignment consists mainly of supporting the planning and implementation of the final – 10 year – evaluation of the Millennium Villages Project. What does it mean practically? Well, to answer that question I need to back […]

September 21

Sandaga Market (le marché de Sandaga)

English and French versions Only a 20 min taxi ride from the apartment and the safer area of Les Almadies, you get to the heart of Dakar and can experience one of the markets you read about in books and on the internet. Santaga market illustrates perfectly Dakar as a multicultural city full of vibrant […]

September 07

Dakar, “Pointe des Almadies”

It’s been a week today since landing in Dakar, an interesting week in many small but impactful ways. Eva, my NGO manager has been very patient and supportive. She introduced me to Dr Amadou, the General Manager of the MDG West Africa office and to the rest of the staff. We also had opportunities to […]

August 29

Sayonara Philadelphia, bonjour/salamalekum Dakar

Departure day is tomorrow. Everything is as ready as it can be. The last 4 months have been somewhat predictable with a mix of GSK work and trip planning activities. Just a few thoughts though as I enjoy my last summer night for a while in beautiful Bucks County. As I was packing the past few days, […]

June 30

Senegal/Dakar – Not quite yet

While many of my fellow colleagues have started or are about to start their PULSE journey – reading their blogs I am excited for them – it will be 2 more months for me before departing to Dakar. This gives me extra time to get ready. I’m pacing myself to get all the necessary vaccinations […]