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December 22

A Chemist in Burundi: Mother and Child Health Week in Bubanza

End of November is the time in Burundi for the mother and child health week. During four days, all across the country, children and pregnant mother received vitamin A supplementation, deworming tablet and are able to top up their vaccination record with a focus on the second measles injection introduced at the end of last […]

November 23

A Chemist in Burundi: The “Zombies” of Bugarama !

Bikes in Burundi take two: Last post was about crazy downhill technique, today’s one is about going uphill. Like its neighbours Rwanda, Burundi is hilly, really hilly, while the capital is around 800m of altitude (2500 feet) the collines in the inside of the country are much higher. Gitega, the second town of the country […]

November 16

A Chemist in Burundi: Home delivery Bujumbura way !

This post is going to on one of the things that stroke me the most since our arrival in Burundi, the transport of charcoal from high in the collines to the town of Bujumbura. With less than 3% of the population having access to electricity and a cost of butane gas prohibitive, charcoal is the […]

October 23

A Chemist In Burundi : Back to School Cendjajuru way !

Hello, In a few days I will be four months since we landed in Bujumbura, Burundi and in the last few weeks the time has really speeded up. On the evening of going inside Burundi collines for a field trip, I realised that I have not share with you any impression of these rich experiences. […]

September 14

A Chemist in Burundi: The picture round

It has been a while since my last post, after a slow start everything picked up at the same time and the last few weeks have been really busy, intense and interesting ! Today, I am going to take you on a small journey with a picture round!         Next time, it […]

July 22

A Chemist in Burundi: House Hunting, Bujumbura style!

A few of my fellow PULSE volunteer were able to arrive to an already sorted accommodation or to share a house with other volunteers based in the same town. As the first and only one sent to Burundi, my story was a bit different. Finding a place to live is usually based on two major […]

July 09

A Chemist in Burundi: Working for UNICEF at BNUB

Hello, Before my departure, many of you have been asking about my mission with UNICEF and the work I will do in the next six months. I will use this post to share a few aspects of my working life. I am part of the health and nutrition team of Unicef Burundi and based au […]

July 06

A Chemist in Burundi: First couple of days as a Muzungu*

Sunday 29th June, 18.40 (EAT) Bujumbura Airport, Burundi. As the Brussels Airlines A330 taxi on time outside Bujumbura terminal airport, the warmth, humidity and darkness of the tropical night jump on you as soon as exiting the cabin. Our Brussels – Bujumbura – Nairobi flight was an interesting mix of westerners with spotless adventure gear […]

June 23

A Chemist with UNICEF in Burundi: Departure Lounge

Good afternoon, As some of you are aware, from this Sunday (29th June), I will be in Bujumbura, capital of Burundi working with UNICEF for a six months assignment as part of PULSE; the GSK volunteering scheme. While UNICEF does not need an introduction, a few words on Burundi may be welcomed. It is a small […]